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Passive Income Opportunity, Where to Post

Forum: Make Money
Joe Anemone
I have a passive income opportunity that pays only a nominal amount monthly. I have been posting on Craigslist where some interested individuals do contact me. I would like to learn of other options / alternatives to Craigslist where I can post this opportunity. Any suggestions?Read More...

What do you do when someone refuses to talk money?

Dear Penny
Talking about money makes a lot of people uncomfortable, so what do you do when someone refuses to discuss it altogether? Last month, I answered a letter that infuriated a lot of people, myself included. The letter writer's husband makes much more than she does, but he refuses to discuss any expenses related to their child. When she tries to push the discussion, he avoids her. I'm not really sure how hard she's...Read More...
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Gas Prices

Good Morning i was wondering if you have notice that the Gas Prices are down for now, but i just heard that they will be going back up again this makes no sense to me does anyone know why??? we keep struggling to keep going, and all they do is raise prices gas food electric and heating when will it end??Read More...
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reinstating your tier

Forum: Retirement
hello everyone i started to restate my retirement from a tier 6 to a tier 4 it said i would have to wait 2 years, well i did it is now 2 years and i am invested, so they now put into my retirement .has any one ever did this?? to me it was worth it, i am 72 years young, lol and wanted to have something, it cost me to buy back in, i could pay weekly or one lump sum, i was able to pay one lump sub, and am thank full for thatRead More...
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Employer provided Insurance

Forum: Insurance
Is it just me, or is insurance MUCH harder to navigate than 10 years ago? I am trying to schedule some minor surgery and a few tests prior to it, and WOW, the amount of phone calls, website research, and emails back and forth is crazy. I have to do the things/communication that the Dr office or insurance company used to do. Does my insurance just suck, or is it all like this? I work for a small not-for- profit agency. But I have always worked in non-profit, so that's not new. 🙄Read More...
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What rich people don't do

Pamela Weinstein (Pam)
You're article entitled 10 things rich ppl wont tell you about, should comr with a caveat.( it's b/c they wouldn't their waste time) Yes, saving money on car insurance may be one way, but playing games on-line? May be fun but it takes months to get a $25 gift card and you had better be willing to play hour after hour to win some levels or pay. I wound up, somehow, paying $15 to finally get a $25 Walmart gift card. If you truly are trying to help people, you should put these "pay" game...Read More...
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Unexpected things you can buy at Costco

Will S.
I was really chuckling at this recent Penny Hoarder article on unexpected things you can get at Costco . I had no idea I'll be able to buy a casket and an engagement ring durning my next visit. Have you bought any wacky things at Costco? Besides a mountain of frozen pizzas and a 10-pack of knockoff Brita filters, I haven't strayed too far from your typical bulk purchases. But after seeing the bill for flowers for a 10-person wedding (like $1k!), I wish I knew I could've ordered flowers from...Read More...
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Abusive Landlords

Sharon C
I would like information on how to go about help in obtaining information on management abusing tenants in financing ( Increasing in common area utilities) for their own convenience). Tennants on a limited income and there is no explanation as to why the increase has taken place in the first place, not even written in the lease that an increase in "common area utilities" would take place, I believe this is abusive and would like help or information on where I could get some answers, because...Read More...
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Money Challenges

Money Challenge: Tackle Your Debt With the Snowball Method Featured

Will S.
The Debt Snowball Method Welcome to The Penny Hoarder’s monthly Money Challenge, helping you find simple ways to improve your finances. This month, we’re going to help you get quick results when committing to reduce your debt. Popularized by Dave Ramsey, the debt snowball method will have you attacking your debt in order from the smallest to largest amount, gaining momentum as you pay off each one. How it Works 1. List our Debts From Smallest to Largest List all your debts, then order them...Read More...
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Money Diary: Three Days in Maine on a $59,000 Salary

Will S.
Welcome to The Penny Hoarder Community’s first Money Diary. Inspired by Refinery 29’s Money Diaries, this post takes an in-depth look at the spending habits of one of our community members who was kind enough to send in a three-day breakdown of their expenses. Keeping your own money diary to track your spending helps you stick to a budget and take control of your finances. Tales From a Social Worker on a Budget Today: a social worker who makes $59,000 per year and uses the cash envelope...Read More...
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Money Challenge: The Cash Envelope System

The Penny Hoarder
The Cash Envelope System Welcome to The Penny Hoarder’s monthly Money Challenge, helping you find simple ways to improve your finances. This month, we’re going to help you reset how – and how much – you spend by going back to cash. Known as the Cash Envelope System , you’ll rely on pre-labeled envelopes full of real, physical money for your day-to-day spending. Once an envelope is empty, well, that’s it. You’ll have to wait until your next pay period to replenish it. This not only helps you...Read More...
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