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We’ve survived another week and made it to Friday Penny Hoarders! Anyone else a holiday procrastinator like I am? Thanks to our Daily newsletter, I was reminded that there are only two weeks until Halloween - EEK! I still have no idea what I am dressing up as but want to take a more budget friendly approach with my costume this year. What are you all dressing up as? Do you have any tips for creating a fun costume on a budget? And now for this week’s announcements… Grab your library cards...Read More...

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how to get a loan Featured

Forum: Credit
Mary Keil
I got a store card and built up my credit and score. Then I got a loan and paid it off in a timely matter. I got another loan 18 months later. I have also been approved for other store credit cards. I have not tried for a regular credit card, because my income is not very good now. But that's how to build your score. My score was 0 and I built it up to 742Read More...
Congrats!
Great advice -- and congratulations....job well done!
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Raise credit score

Forum: Credit
Jacqueline Miller
I have had recommendations to get credit cards to help build my credit but each time I try to reply, per credit sesame recommended companies, I am denied due to my score. How do I correct this?Read More...
SS does do this. As you know, you have to comply with all sorts of paperwork and reviews, and they have deadlines and notice dates. My suggestion is to do what it looks like you were doing- go to the SS office and find out what happened, why, and what you need to do to get back on. Do you have a re-payee? Send them if you need to. Do you have 211 for assistance or information in your area? Call it. Do it soon, because this is a process. There is no quick answer that I know of.Read More...
I'm disabled. I have a terminal ill disease of my liver. I'm at SS because they said they are terminated me. Can they just do thisRead More...
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Credit wiped out by Equifax breach

Forum: Credit
Vicki R Kemp
Can any one help me or lead me in the right direction, PLEASE. After diligently working on my credit score for quite some time(I had it to the 620 range and was so proud), my score just simply vanished into thin air. No explanations, no admittance of error or faulty programming glitches, and certainly no willingness to resolve or correct the problem was offered(freely or upon request) by any of the 3 major scoring entities. Just by pre lick I stumbled recently upon the beach info regarding...Read More...
Thank you. I've tried several including Lincoln Law. Nothing. I had several car purchases, two homes, furniture and the array of things someone in their 50s would have. I wouldn't think so, however, they were breached and I was rendered a zeroRead More...
Not sure what happened. But most rent and utilities dont get put on your credit report and won't reflect in most credit score models. The equifax breach wouldn't have made your score disappear. Try credit karma or another site to track your score.Read More...
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Right now I have too many credit cards to manage every month. But I have a great credit ratio of 1%. I want to let some of my cards be dormant which will eventually cause them to be closed. How can I maintain my great ratio, which is a factor in my 800+ credit score, if my amount of credit goes down? Should I try to increase my credit limit on the cards that I use often? Are there any other options? What ratio can I go up to without it negatively affecting my credit score? Here's a blog post...Read More...

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