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My old bank (Everbank) had a feature that displayed my scheduled transaction and their expected impact upon my projected balance in the "account activity" view. They were purchased by a pension fund and no longer offer that excellent interface. It allowed me to see the upcoming 30 days and decide if any payment should be adjusted depending upon when my next paycheck or deposit was scheduled. It was a great tool for keeping track of e-bills and when to pay them Can anyone share how to find...Read More...
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Chime Bank/Bancorp

Joyce Williams
Has anyone had a really bad unauthorized transaction issue with Chime? If so was it ever resolved or did they just screw you out of your money? I had my debit card stolen while incarcerated had no control nor idea and I lost $9700.00. Chime's denial to reimbursewreimburse me was based on: I didn't cancel my card, I didn't stop the direct deposit, the card used was valid, the transactions were within the vacinity of my home (45 miles away from Dallas TX) and the pin number was used at the ATM...Read More...
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How many bank accounts do you have

Chrissy Goff
Can't find the original topic in my email but I have one bank account in Germany (military brat and mom still lives there) but I do have a credit union account in the states. I have never done business with a bank other than the German bank. I set it up when my daughter was born as I was given deposit slips with money on them in my Welcome baby offer package. I also got free baby food in the mail every month when she was able to eat baby food (which starts at 3 months in Germany but very...Read More...
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I'm nervous about the solidity of some online-only banks, but there is the carrot of fabulous interest rates. I noticed the app discussed recently at Penny Hoarder, the Empower app, is FDIC insured up to $250,000. I'm interested in getting as much interest as possible on reserve cash, as anyone, but am I being overcautious here? How much confidence should we have in these online-only banks?Read More...
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What's the most important thing to look for in a SAVINGS account?

Last week, I asked what's the most important thing to look for in a checking account . I loved the responses — it's always interesting to hear what others are prioritizing when selecting a place to put their money in. Now I am wondering, what's i mportant to you to have when selecting a SAVINGS account ? Whether it's attentive customer service reps, no minimum required accounts or high interest, I'd love to hear what you value in a savings account. For me, I appreciate a savings account that...Read More...
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What's the most important thing to look for in a checking account?

What's the #1 feature that's important to you to have when selecting a checking account? Whether it's attentive customer service reps, fee-free accounts or high interest, I'd love to hear what you value in a checking account. Bonus points if you can share some checking account recs with the community. 🔥 For me, no fees and being able to reach a customer rep is huge. There's nothing more frustrating to me than waiting on the line for hours for a rep to take my call.Read More...
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Ally Bank

Jean Marmion
Hey PennyHoarder Family - I saw the post that was on your newsletter about Ally Bank and them dropping their overdraft fees . . . I just wanted to say I opened a checking and savings account with them several months ago when you had suggested them as a good online bank to go with and I love them. I highly recommend them. I have had to struggle at times, going through a nasty divorce and through that, losing my home, fighting over child support and alimony, etc. But Ally has always been more...Read More...
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Filing for bankruptcy

Rosemary Daniel
Does anyone know if American Express can take money out of your bank account and freeze your assets I am in the middle of bankruptcy I go to court November but last year yeah they froze my bank account and took all my money I have now opened up a bank account again because of the Postal Service not delivering my unemployment checks and basically the only way to get my unemployment checks is direct deposit I still have not yet to receive a stimulus check again due to not having direct deposit...Read More...
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Synchrony bank

WARNING😀o not open an account With synchrony bank. I have had a horrible experience with them and their customer service representatives have not been help. I opened a account with them in the month of may I deposited a check from an older account which had an old address on the check in response synchrony bank froze my account and told me I have to wait two months while they review my account it has been three months and they are still holding my mom hostage I am...Read More...
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The Aspiration Spend & Save Account

Edward Guerra
In one of your articles regarding five things to do if you have $1,000 today. One of those things mentioned was to simply open an account and aquire an Aspiration Spend & Save Account debit card from that Bank. It is mentioned by Penny hoarder, "How’s an extra $100 sound? For free? Seriously..." I'm not so sure about this because I went and did some research and all that mentions is when you acquire that particular debit card and you spend $1,000 and they will give you $100. It says...Read More...

Do you use Discover Bank?

Heyyo. So I'm currently using BB&T but I use my debit card for ALL my purchases except amazon purchases (for which I have the Amazon Prime Rewards card with Chase - thank you all for helping me decide that was a good choice!). I'm spending upwards of 2k on my debit card each month after all is said and done, so I'm wanting to look into debit cards that offer cash back. As a side note, I also notice I'm getting pennies back from my BB&T savings account so I'd like a higher APY on...Read More...
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rewards debit accounts

What are the best rewards debit/checking and savings accounts around? So far I've found Discover Cash Back Debit and Wells Fargo save as you go that deposits your rounded change daily.Read More...

This week in... The Penny Hoarder Community

Happy Friday! Whew! Where has this week gone? Here’s your weekly round up of announcements to get you through today and into the weekend... We’ve crowned our November Member of the Month. Join me in congratulating Lisa Acu ñ a (@lismox) for being selected this month’s winner! We all appreciate your help around here, Lisa. Each month we look to crown a new winner. We’re looking for someone who is super helpful and active in the community. Each winner receives a $25 gift...Read More...
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Happy November!

We’ve made it to the end of the week and the start of a new month Penny Hoarders! Who here can’t believe it’s already November? 😳 This week I want to know if you’re a planner or a procrastinator… Do you start planning and budgeting now for holiday purchases or wait until the last minute? What about your New Year’s resolutions? And now for this week’s announcements… We just hit a HUGE milestone Penny Hoarders… 10,000 community members! Join us in a celebratory happy dance, then go check out...Read More...
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Social security Representative Payee bank account

Hello does anyone know how I can open up a new Social security Representative Payee bank account on line. It would be much easier than going into a bank location. We live in Reading PA if that helps. Thank you very muchRead More...


I'm so frustrated with my bank. I signed up for "Simple". Does anyone have any feedback? Is it really better? What if I lose my card and have to wait for the replacement. With my bank, I can go into any branch and they'll issue a temp card until the replacement arrives. That's really the only thing that concerns me. Thanks.Read More...
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Best bank to use?

Karla Dial
I've been a customer at US Bank for more than a decade, but have recently realized this is actually counterproductive to my savings goals. In addition to its crappy interest rate on savings, US Bank REFUSES to work with any automated savings, budgeting, or investing apps I try (such as SaverLife, Every Dollar, Mint, and Fundrise). I need recommendations for better banks with great service that will work with apps and still be somewhat available nationally. Which ones do you recommend?Read More...
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