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High-interest savings accounts

Alexis Grant
Savings accounts interest rates seem to be improving! We moved money to this account this weekend because of its 2.4% yield: (I have no affiliation with that bank, it's just the best rate we found.) Anybody else using a high-interest savings account we could all benefit from knowing about?Read More...
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Home Equity Loans / Lines of Credit

I'm considering taking out a Home Equity Loan to do some repairs to my home. I'd love to hear pros and cons to this. What I want done will cost under $5,000. Would I be better off to charge this to a credit card, set up a payment plan with the company, or take the line of credit which is at least 10 times the amount I need, although the bank says it counts as a mortgage for tax purposes. I appreciate any ideas or thoughts.Read More...
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Bad customer service from online banks?

I recently opened an account with Ally Bank. I've only had to call customer service twice but already noticed that call wait times are significant. Has anyone else experienced this (or other customer service issues) with online banks? The need doesn't come up often to converse with a human at a bank -- but when it does (and it comes to your money) it's nice to know it's not difficult to get support.Read More...
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How many savings accounts do you have?

Grace Schweizer
I'm working on straightening out where my direct deposits go and when. I have two checking accounts and two savings accounts -- one set I plan to use for bills/debt payoff and emergency savings, and one set I plan to use for regular spending and short/long term savings goals. That plan seems right, but I've also thought about opening another savings account (or five) to keep everything separate. How many is too many? How many do you have and how do you distribute your funds?Read More...
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How Many Bank Accounts Is Too Many?

Moore Income
I personally have around 10 bank accounts! Some of them are with traditional banks and others are with apps. For me, I like having different accounts for different reasons, some I use for savings, one I use to separate my food delivery income and there are a couple I barely use. A couple of them I opened simply because they were offering a bonus and others I opened because I like trying new financial apps out. Do you use multiple bank accounts or do you prefer all your money in one spot? Why...Read More...
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Which payment methods do you prefer online?

Deon Christie
Personally I prefer the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or direct PayPal payments. Although I do find that Payoneer works exceptionally well for commission payments. When you do affiliate marketing. Because it integrates beautifully with sites like Clickbank and Clicksure. Payoneer will also give you a $25 bonus deposit. When you deposit your first $100 into your account. It's a great payment method especially for affiliate commissions. Which payment methods have you used? And which of them...Read More...

Traditonal or non traditional

Mo Brownies
Hi Everyone, I am thinking about closing my traditional bank account like TD and Chase. I already have 1 online high yield interest bearing savings account and im thinking about going all in. I no longer want to see an interest of .01 cent every year? or have to keep a minimum in order to avoud fees. What do you guys think?Read More...
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Savings Account Apps?

Moore Income
Interested to know if anyone out there is using any savings account apps to save money. I personally have been using GRAND for a while now. They charge $2 a month but as long as you save money, every week they have a drawing and every week I have won $1. They pay a 1% interest rate. It has been a great way to save money without really noticing it is not in my checking anymore. I have also used Aspiration which pays a decent amount and am trying out the Empower app. Anyone else know of any...Read More...
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Online checking account for business - recommendations?

I have an LLC for my freelance writing/editing work, and for a few years I've had a separate checking account for those funds. I recently realized that I don't have enough cash in the account to have the monthly "maintenance" fee waived - so I'm losing $15 a month! I know my freelance business hasn't been super busy these days, but I'd certainly like to hold on to most of the money I've earned, you know? I'd love to hear about your experiences with online-only checking accounts for your side...Read More...
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