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The Cost of Renting

Did you know that more than a third of American households are inhabited by renters? For those tenants, navigating the relationship with a landlord can be tricky. But renter's have rights (they vary by state and local jurisdiction). Learn more about general renter's rights , and learn tactics for negotiating lower rent (yes, it's possible!). And be sure to check out the interactive graphic below to see the cost of renting across the U.S. We want to know: How much of your income goes to rent...Read More...
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Children's personal finance book: Seeking Feedback / Review

Kelly Lee
Hi guys, We need to increase our children's financial literacy! I recently wrote and illustrated a Children's personal finance book (for 2-7 year olds) and would love to get your feedback. If you are interested in reading the book and providing feedback, I can send you a PDF version of it for free. Please let me know ! Thank you! If anyone recommends any financial books for young children, please let me know too! I'd love to get some for my kid. KellyRead More...
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Telling your significant other how much money you make or how much debt you have can be an awkward conversation. But discussing whether you should sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage is next-level uncomfortable. Having tough money talks is the entire focus of a book I recently read — “Broke Millennial Talks Money” by Erin Lowry. And yes, there’s a section on prenups and how to tactfully ask for one. Lowry chatted with The Penny Hoarder via Facebook Live last week, and she talked...Read More...
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Joining a group such as The Penny Hoarder Community pretty much indicates that personal finance is a topic that interests you. But still, it can be really difficult to talk to others in your life about money. I write about personal finance for a living, but one thing I’m currently struggling with is initiating a money talk with my mom. I’m concerned about whether she has her financial affairs in order and I’m not sure what financial support she might need from me and my siblings as she gets...Read More...
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Ready for Tax Season? — Napkin Finance

Nicole D.
How do you go about preparing your taxes? Many of us are receiving — or about to receive — W-2 or 1099 forms from our employers for the 2020 tax season. Fortunately, the second half of “Napkin Finance” digests some pretty meaty tax topics into bite-sized (or should I say, napkin-sized) infographics to help make taxes more approachable. I love the tip about how you can file online for free with the IRS . Several tax-software companies also let you file at no cost. How are you liking “Napkin...Read More...
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After a year of primarily staying at home, I know many of us are itching to reconnect with friends and family — in real life, not over a screen. While group outings are wonderful — things can get tricky when someone invites you to a place or makes plans for a vacation that you can’t really afford. Are you upfront with friends and family about your budget limitations for group outings? Or do you suck it up and spend more than you want? Erin Lowry’s latest book, “Broke Millennial Talks Money,”...Read More...
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Upcoming Virtual Event With “Napkin Finance” Author Tina Hay

Nicole D.
Hey everyone! In case you’ve missed our announcement Monday, I’ve got some exciting news to share! Tomorrow, The Penny Hoarder will be hosting a virtual Q&A with “Napkin Finance” author Tina Hay. Mark your calendars for Thursday, Feb. 11 at 2 p.m. ET and join us on The Penny Hoarder’s Facebook page , where we’re sure to have an interesting and informative Facebook Live discussion. We’ll also be giving away five copies of “Napkin Finance” during the virtual event! For a chance to win,...Read More...
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Napkin Finance — How Are You Preparing for Retirement?

Nicole D.
What are you doing to prepare yourself for retirement? If you're reading along, what tips have you found helpful from “Napkin Finance?” I don’t know about you, but I wish I had a time machine to send me back about a decade so I could get an earlier start on saving for retirement. I struggled with money in my 20s and didn’t have enough financial savvy to truly grasp the importance of starting at a young age. “Napkin Finance” is one of those books that people of all ages should get their hands...Read More...
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Do You Know About the Rule of 72? — “Napkin Finance”

Nicole D.
If you’re ever wondering how long it’ll take for your investments to grow, the Rule of 72 can help. Just divide the number 72 by your interest rate to get the number of years it’ll take for your money to double. Reading about this quick and easy calculation in the last chapter of Tina Hay’s “Napkin Finance” really resonated with me, because one of my money goals is to focus more on investing. This month, I plan to increase my 401(k) contributions, so I’ll see greater returns when my money...Read More...
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Coming in January...The Penny Hoarder Book Club!

Want to read more books and grow your personal finance knowledge in 2021? We are launching a virtual book club next month! Please join TPH senior writer Nicole Dow ( @Nicole D. ) as we dig into different money-focused books and discuss them here in Community. Our first book pick is Napkin Finance by Tina Hay. Napkin Finance is chock-full of clever infographics designed to explain complex money topics in an easily digestible way. Starting in mid-January, Nicole will be popping into this forum...Read More...
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Napkin Finance - An Intro to Budgeting

Nicole D.
Hey, everyone! What’s the best tip you’ve learned from “Napkin Finance” so far or any other budgeting tips that have worked well for you? I hope you’ve all had a chance to pick up a copy of “Napkin Finance” by Tina Hay. Even if you haven't, the book covers so many different aspects of personal finance and I welcome you to join in on our discussions! For those who are reading: How are you liking the book so far? I really like how “Napkin Finance” uses graphics to illustrate different...Read More...
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Free book!

Hi all, I decided to do a quarantine special on my e-book "Lonely Ants Die Young, Tired, and Hungry: A Guide to Overcoming Loneliness". It's FREE until May 1! In the book, I offer all sorts of advice to defeat that gnawing feeling of isolation, ranging from Stoic philosophy to a rat named Lupin (RIP)! Perfect for reading during the abundant down time we have! Please read and review. ...Read More...
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Recommended Book on Passive Income

Hi all, I just discovered an excellent book about passive income by Gundi Gabrielle. I was skeptical of all the five-star reviews and while the one-star reviews do have some merit, they're the minority. The book takes you through the nuts and bolts of setting up a passive income stream, some of which require no capital and little energy, and some of which require a lot of capital and a lot of start-up energy. The book is cheap and worth a look, and can be bought as part of a series. I...Read More...
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Sylvia Plath

Zara Zoey
There is a whole universe in the realm of Sylvia Plath's poems! She is a world on her own. I want to dissect her poems with love and care. Anyone in?Read More...

Home-based businesses book

Hi guys! One of my favorite authors just released a new book that is free for today (Aug. 30). It's about home-based businesses. I've done several of the gigs in this book and can vouch that they are legit, and there are some that I'd never heard of that look worth checking out. Got used makeup? You can sell it! Need a day gig for just one day? There's an app for that! Want to start your own subscription box? She details that, too! The link is:...Read More...
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Need reviews

Hi everyone. This is my Amazon Author page: I self published the third book, "Lonely Ants Die Young, Tired, and Hungry" and could really use some reviews to get my name out. In the next few days I'm planning a giveaway, so stay tuned! Anyway, if you buy any of the three books, would you mind leaving a review? I've only got one, but it's five stars and I'm proud of that. Also, I plan on coming out with more books--I'll keep you posted.Read More...

What social media site you use or are on?

Bonnie Squires
Hello every one. I was wondering what social media site you use or are on. How do you use your social media accounts? I've twitter which i've not used in a long time. Facebook I use at least once a day or more for family and friends and use to use it for business. Linkedin I don't use to much. I know there a couple other ones just can't think of them.Read More...
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Reading suggestion: I do what I do

Recently i was reading a book written by the economist and the former Governor of Reserve Bank of India Dr Raghuram G.Rajan, which is worth to be read for once atleast. The book has been published by Harper Collins in the year of 2017 is a collection of experiences gained by him during his reign .So it has a collection of all the speeches delivered by him in the respective forum as the Governor of Reserve Bank of India. The chapter which interested me more is about the demonetisation views...Read More...
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Reading Goals

Moore Income
I have so many books in my library that I have purchased (mostly financial topics) that I have been telling myself I need to read but just haven't gotten to yet. Because of this, and also because I believe the saying "Readers are Leaders", I have made it a goal this year to read at least 2 books a month. I completed this goal in January by reading " How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnige & " Sell or Be Sold" by Grant Cardone For February, I have already read "The...Read More...
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