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Inflation and Food Purchases

I currently receive $240 in SNAP and I made 5 visits to 99Cent store, Walmart, Luckys ( supermarket). I only have $24 left to use for the rest of the month. I am not an overspender and look for the lowest prices. Prior to Biden I spent about $120 a month. How are you all coping? What if you are not as lucky and poor enough to receive SNAP?Read More...
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Making Ends Meet

Cindy Scaccia
So, I've always lived paycheck to paycheck and was often broke right before payday. Now, I found a few ways to make a quick couple of dollars, or to purchase the things I need with the spare change I have left. I'm not getting richer, but I don't feel like I'm missing out either. There are literally thousands of sites to use, but these few are the ones if you need a few extra bucks quickly; usually just 2-3 days: 1) Amazon's Mturk-I use the filter to see the highest paying tasks first, and I...Read More...
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Tips for grocery shopping

Ken J
I have been buying the family groceries for 40 years. It was cheaper going by myself! I use a free program called Now You're Cooking to enter recipes, plan menus for two weeks at a time and print out the shopping list from the menu plan. Nowadays I have Walmart deliver the groceries when I buy online. It's worth it to me so that I do not have to spend 1.5 hours shopping in the store. Something weird about taking an item off the shelf, putting it in the cart, unloading the cart at checkout...Read More...
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Budgeting: Car Buying Tips to Save Money

Daniel Moyanda
Car buying should be a fun experience that provides you with the freedom to purchase the vehicle you've been salivating over. However, if you overlook the crucial factors, you could end up spending an obscene amount of money on a car that doesn't have what you need. Budgeting is one of the most important steps for saving money. If you don't know where your money goes, how will you be able to save it? That's why we're providing you with our best car buying tips to help you save money during...Read More...

Budgeting Tips: How to Financially Plan for a Vacation

Daniel Moyanda
Vacations are a great way to refresh and relax. In addition, research has shown that taking a vacation can improve your mood and lessen the symptoms of conditions like high blood pressure and depression. In essence, taking a vacation could literally save your life. However, vacations can also be costly, and many people have trouble sticking to their budgets when on vacation. We don’t want to come back home having spent more than what we initially planned on. Here are some tips on staying...Read More...
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Interesting read on getting your budget and money straight

Just wanted to share a digital book I got access to through my local library. All Your Worth by Elizabeth Warren & Amelia Warren Tyagi. It is about 15 years old, but has some relevant information to today's economy. They talk about a balance of needs (things you must pay for like housing), wants and saving. They discuss debt, emergencies, retirement, etc. It got me thinking about my costs and how to better align them. It's applicable to all ages. And getting the audio version was nice to...Read More...
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5 Habits of Personal Finance to Teach your Children

Today, it’s more important than ever before to save for the future. With so much uncertainty, and somewhat gloomy economic prospects - being prepared means that both you and your children will be able to steer around financial problems , or any difficulties that might come across your path. As a parent, you want the same for your children when it comes to their personal finances. Yet, having a firm grip on how to navigate the uneasy road of personal finance in the modern day is no...Read More...
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A Free Resource to Make Budgeting Easier

The Saving Scientist
Hi Penny Hoarders! As a means to better track my own spending and sort our my financial priorities, I recently developed a budgeting Excel sheet that is unique in several ways: 1. It allows you to select your currency and year (making it customizable based on where you live and a template that you can use year on year) 2. The overview page allows you to enter your budgeted amounts and has hyperlinked buttons for each month of the year, allowing you to hop around and see how your spending has...Read More...
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SeedFi Loans vs Payday loans

Richard Martin
I saw the article on how to avoid payday loans. The option given was to pick up a SeedFi Loan. The example used was to borrow $4000 at an interest rate of 24.99%. Ouch. An individual could possibly do better with most credit cards. I recognize that some of these articles are sponsored by Commercial entities and 25% is better than 200% in a payday loan but there may be better options at the local bank or credit union. Maybe that option should be mentioned first and then offer the SeedFI...Read More...
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How do you "budget" when taking a Vacation?

We all need a break from daily life at least once a year? How do you cut costs when vacationing? I noticed one time when we went to Disneyland families brought in their own lunch - so we started brining an ice chest with us on vacations so we can have lunch on our own. (We do splurge on dinner however.. I mean you have to live a bit - especially on vacation!!). I also like cruising because food is one of the biggest expenses while vacationing and you can do a 4 day cruise - with food and...Read More...
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Holiday spending

Hi, I'm thinking of the holidays already. Honestly, I normally begin shopping in the summer but with Covid-19 lingering and changes to the people I would give to I have not. I want to set a limit this year with my family. No one is a millionaire, so I believe everyone would be okay with a reduced holiday in regards to gifts. But I know people have different views and think they can show love through purchases. One party wants to write a check, another is flat broke, etc. No one is close...Read More...
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What Pandemic Money Habits Are You Keeping?

Nicole D.
Between staying home all the time and fears of losing my job during a global pandemic, I was able to save a lot of money last year. Thankfully, I stayed employed throughout everything, and even managed to pay off all my credit card and student loan debt. But now that the world is opening up and I'm vaccinated, I've definitely finding myself spending more money instead of saving it. I've been going out shopping and visiting with friends and family. While I don't want to go back to the...Read More...
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I was curious if anyone else feels guilt or a sense of shame when spending money on a nice to have, "fun" experience or thing? I see this come up in some of my circles where money is spent but then after the initial high of the new thing wears off, there is a lingering sense of guilt as one wonders if that money could have been spent better elsewhere. I know we're all financially-minded here, so I'd be curious to get your take. Do you feel guilt or shame about spending money on fun things?Read More...
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Budgeting for Baby

Moore Income
Been a bit since I have posted but wanted to stop in and share some happy news. My wife and I are expecting our first child in September and we are both beyond excited! Of course, with baby on the way, its never too early to start planning financially. What tips do you have when it comes to budgeting for baby's needs? This is all new territory for me so any tips or advice is much appreciated. Since my wife works at a school, we will be able to get a 50% discount on childcare which will be...Read More...
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Can Drinking Coffee Affect Your Finances?

Moore Income
Today I am sitting at a coffee shop working away on my computer before I head to my job. But instead of purchasing a coffee from the shop, I brought my own coffee from home. Why you may ask? Because a cup of coffee can cost upwards of $5. I am a huge coffee drinker but $5 cups of coffee tend to add up over time and before you know it, you have spent quite a bit on a cup of jo! I have started coming here regularly and have noticed there are people who come in every morning to buy a cup of...Read More...
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We should learn to do the math

Karen E Peyton
It took me years, loss of dollars, and budget shortfalls to learn, I was causing my own pain. Granted, I was doing what I was taught, what we were all taught. But, regardless, it wasn't working in my favor. I had nice things, and what looked like from the outside a nice life, but I was struggling. Finally, I admitted that my finances were a mess and I went looking for help. Through research, classes, conversations, and more research I found answers. But the thing that was staring me right in...Read More...
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Grocery Shopping - How far away is your usual store?

I'm working on an article about food deserts: areas where there's limited access to fresh food. It's making me think more about those trips to the grocery store that I take almost on autopilot. Did you know that just 10 years ago, more than 2 million Americans who didn't own cars also didn't have a grocery store closer than one mile away? I gripe about doing this weekly task, but when it comes down to it, it's not a strenuous one for me to complete. I'm curious how far you go to do your...Read More...
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Starting a budget

I was just reading the article about 5 reasons you should budget and want to say that for variable expenses, i.e. utilities, you can go on a budget payment plan with the utility company so that expense will be fixed each month.Read More...

A reminder NOT to spend.

Jobelle Collie
I use a debit card and paper checks. I have a huge goal to sell my current home and build/buy a new one before December, 2020. So I made a index card with what my debt kill amount is, how much I want to save for a larger downpayment to REMIND myself that i DO NOT need to buy anything but food and things I need to fix up the old house. Having that reminder (stuck one on my cell phone and one on my laptop) too avoid impulse buys! Wish me luck.Read More...
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Budgeting 101

Ashley Allen
Hi all! I’m new here but was hoping I could get some good advice from others who have been in my shoes. I have never been good at saving money/budgeting and I’m a server meaning the bulk of my income is cash which I have on me at all times. I make decent money but I have no idea where it all goes!! And before I know it I’m struggling to pay my bills each month because I wait until the last minute and then I don’t know where my money has all gone!!? Any tips/suggestions on budgeting for ...Read More...
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This is how I am Managing My Budget in Quarantine (It’s Not Easy)

In January this year, I was very certain my career was going to climb a few steps higher. I had perfected my LinkedIn profile and was interacting with enough people on social media to reap the benefits of connecting with professionals in my field. February proved to me that I was not wrong. I received a call at the end of the month of an old employer whom I had worked with on a freelance basis. This person, whom I should mention here I have always been on very good work terms with, offered...Read More...
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