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Used Upstart to consolidate some medical debt

I find so much useful information from Penny Hoarder. As soon as I heard in late February that interest rates would be rising, I used Upstart to consolidate medical debt and got an interest rate that was less than half of that from my cards. I read about Upstart in Penny Hoarder. I considered Fiona, but Upstart was easier and faster (they deposited funds the very next day) to work with, and they waited for me to unfreeze my credit reports. I've been freezing my credit reports since around...Read More...
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Hi, Recently a collections debt that I have been repaying monthly has dropped from my credit report. Just last month the collections agency contacted me by phone stating they wanted a payment by a certain date (which was within 5 days of the call) or my file would be sent for referral to an attorney. There was no way I could make what they were asking for in that short amount of time. Do I keep paying monthly like I have been(I am in Maryland)? Should I wait and try to negotiate a settlement...Read More...
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I recently Consolidated $7000.00 of High Interest Credit Cards for a low interest once monthly payment for 36 months. What should I do now? Should I Cancel all Credit Card Accounts or should I at least keep one Credit Card for Emergency use only?? I plan on retiring in 36 months with no Debt if that is even possible.Read More...
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My Financial Goal for the Year 2021

Beauty A
I am working on becoming debt-free. I want to make sure that I pay all my debtors because this is the right thing to do. However, I must admit it is also very important that I give my tithes to the church. I pay my tithes first and the rest will definitely take care of itself. I believe that it is so important to write down your goals because you are more apt to achieve the desired results when you write them down. Thanks for this opportunity to place my goal on this website. I hope that...Read More...
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Very Old Debt Question

Rick Campbell
I have a very old credit card debt that I can't decide if I should pay it or not. Any suggestions, especially from an expert would be great. The very old credit card debt has already been on my credit report, stayed 7 years or so and finally was removed. So it can no longer impact my credit score unless paying it would give them the ability to put it back on my credit report which is what I am most worried about. Essentially it has already given me my 7 years of pain so now that its gone I...Read More...
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Personal Loan vs. Credit Card Debt

I was reading an article where a personal finance consultant used a personal loan from Upstart to pay off some credit card debt. I was curious what everyone thought of that idea. For my particular case, I'm torn 50/50. (First I had to admit my mistake & big 'oops' moment realizing I have about 10k in credit card debt now... yikes.) I know the absolute #1 way to fix this is to budget and change spending patterns , which I'm already doing. The concept of a personal loan intrigues me though...Read More...
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Threatening to Garnish my wages by a debt collection agency

Hi there, I have been making monthly payments since a debt collection attorney/ agency. I was told that if I did not make my payments my wages would be Garnished. I have heard recently they cannot threaten you with garnishment. Since the pandemic I have reduced my payments to about half the original amount as well as enclosing a note requesting a debt validation letter so I know what I'm paying. I have not received one and this is at least the fifth time I have requested this. Any...Read More...
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Student Loan Payoff?

Anne Satkowiak
Should I pay off my student loan now or wait to see if Biden will give the 10k forgiveness? Back story-I have 20k left of my student debt and have enough saved that I could make a lump payment and be done with them, but am wondering if I should hold off on making the payment. I have a doctorate degree and have paid 160k off. Thoughts?Read More...
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Divorce - domestic violence

So long story - I survived many years of abuse of all forms. Every year got worse than the one before, now I can see that. Funny how brainwashing works. He is heading to prison. I'm trying to figure out how to get divorced and what I legally can ask for and get and what is off limits. We live in Texas and since I started working I was told I make too much for legal aid, but I submitted the divorce paperwork once already and apparently did it wrong. The judge said I have one more chance to do...Read More...
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debt consolidation

Hi, I've been looking for the best way to deal with $25K in credit card debt. I spoke to someone at a company called All Service Financial, but I don't know if this or any debt consolidation agencies are legitimate or not. I sold my house and could pay it off, but I worry about my future income. Any help or advice? Thanks!Read More...
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Upside Down Car Loan

Greetings, My wife co-signed a car loan for our former daughter-in-law, and now the ex-DIL has left the car at our house and says she doesn't want it anymore. The kicker is that previous loans had been rolled over into this one and now the payoff is around $20K while the car is worth around $7K. Monthly payments are almost $500, for 3-1/2 more years. If we sell the car, the loan comes due and we don't have $20K sitting around to pay it off. How big a hit on my wife's credit if we let it get...Read More...

Credit collections

I have an old debt from 2008. It has already been charged off my credit reports years ago. The debt was sold to a collection agency. I have not received a collection letter in over 4 years. I just recently received one. Can they send one now after all this time? Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with this situation? Any help is appreciated.Read More...
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The Snowball Method for Paying Off Debt

Moore Income
I am curious to know if anyone here has used the Snowball Method for paying off debt and what the results were. I personally have done it a little differently (more like the avalanche method), only because certain credit cards I owe on are still under a "no interest" sign up bonus. To me the snowball method seems like a pretty effective way to do it. What are your thoughts? Have you tried any of these methods? What are some helpful tips you have used to pay off debt?Read More...
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Struggling to pay debt or going bankrupt

Judy Aquino
This is my first post. I'm seeking advice around debt and bankruptcy. I've gotten into a situation where the money I make can no longer pay all of my bills. I've been trying to find a second job but having a difficult time. Has anyone been in my position and if so, when do you know if you should go bankrupt? Is there a free organization out there that can help me figure out what to do? TYIARead More...
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Helping Covid-19 Victims

Beth Hawthorne
I work at a federal credit union and i have seen COVID-19 wipe-out people's savings. They can't make they loan payments, which plunges their credit score. CATCH 22...You know when this first started in March 2020 or so.... I told my boss that I wasn't so worried about the virus, I was worried more about the fallout at the end...I believed that the gov't wasn't handling it correctly and I still don't....The virus didn't throw us under the bus is the economics dept... the gov't did that....I...Read More...
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Eviction on credit report

Not broken yet
While living with my ex, we were evicted out of our apartment. Short and gist of it is that we were charged with repairs to the property disposable items and non-payment. Now after going to court we won our countersuit stand we're not evicted, but was still asked to leave and he's charged with ridiculous fees. The deposit was still withheld from us, and everytime I look on my credit report the bees get higher and higher. I've tried to pay it off but I cannot get an accounting of any and all...Read More...
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Student loans & 401k

I am 38 years old and am in my last term before graduating. I am wondering if it would be wise to withdraw from my 401k to pay off my student loans since the current CARES act waives the 10% fee. Currently, I have 63k in federal student loans at an average interest rate of 5.05%. At my current job, I have around 125k in my Vanguard 401k.Read More...
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Ways to clear off my credit card debt?

Michelle Cortez
Hi my name is Michelle and I am seeking help on how to clear off my credit card debt? Since the pandemic started I have lost my job, been on unemployment and struggling to clear off my credit card debt. It is not a lot but it is hurting my credit score and report right now. My debt is around $300- $400. Not to mention, now with the holidays and having to buy gifts for my children, it has almost become impossible to pay off. My debt is with Credit One and if I don’t pay it off, it will keep...Read More...
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