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Old, Unknown Judgement

I just learned of two utility bills 10+ years old, both I believed were disposed (disolved) after a personal bankruptcy in 2009. These two debts have been attached to the property as judgments and have accrued penalties and interesst to over 7K. What can I do to make them go away. I am desperate to refinance from my current 6.2% mortgage but must get these mars on the property gone (I do not want to roll them into the refi). Any suggestions?Read More...
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Pay Off Car Loan or Put in Savings

Sharon Franklin
I have approximately $25,000 in my savings account (drawing next to nothing in interest now!) and a car note for approx. $12,000 at 3.75% interest. I am retired and have my monthly Social Security and pension coming in, but no other income. I plan to keep my car for another year before trading it in and so far (knock on wood) I haven't had any problems with it. Am I wise to pay it off and reduce my savings by that amount since I'm being charged more interest than I make?Read More...
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School Loan Forgiveness

I went to college at the age of 40 to get my degree and I went part time so it took me longer than normal. I racked up alot of school debt and have been paying it off. I am now 65 and and retired. I checked into loan forgiveness but am not sure I would be eligible. I worked 37 years for the Federal Government. I only have a little over 9,000 left to pay but with other bills it is hard making ends meet. My loans are through Navient. Has anyone else gotten their loans forgiven?Read More...
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Student Loan - Public Service Loan Forgiveness (Income-Based) - Payment Decrease?

I just recently sent my information in for the income based student loan program under the public service loan forgiveness program. I noticed that my monthly payment decreased even though my salary increased (modest increase). Does this typically happen after you have been paying your loans for awhile? I have been paying for about 6-7 years now and every year it increased, but this year it decreased.Read More...
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Debt consolidation help in Canada

I have close to 50k in debts, almost half of which is student loans and the other half credit cards. I recently got my first good job since relocating to Canada as a skilled immigrant almost 8 years ago with 4 children, and am trying to be more financially strong. I heard on radio about debt management nonprofits (in the US) that help consolidate one's debts, but have not been able to find any in Canada. I also heard that with debt consolidation, one can get credit card debt renegotiated and...Read More...
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Emergency debt

At only $740.00 month disability income the $500.00 vet bill will be extremely challenging to pay off before the 28% interest kicks in through care credit. I’m having no luck finding programs, grants, forgiveness loans Ect..I’m considering GoFundMe type platform but know very little about those. My emergency fund was first to go, my credit score is 740. Any tips,advice, links, support, and prayers welcome. I have to take her back to hospital today if she holds out until I get a ride to...Read More...
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I Need Debt Consolidation Knowledge

Bob Swift
I was reading this article but I did not find anything related to debt consolidation . I want to get a brief knowledge of it. Once I visited and they were saying through their article that before consolidating multiple debts you need to take the advice from an expert in this field, technically they were right. But I want to make the decision about whether I should go with this theory or not. Look my background is bio-science and I don't know much of it. I need knowledge, not any advice.Read More...
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Gary Kleinberger
Im an unpublished author who is good at what i do who wants a book deal. Its hard if you dont have funds to self publish since tryin to find these do it all for you publishers is a miracle. What can i do? Been writing and waiting for 20 years. Tried myself before i have an editor who corrects my work. Any suggestions or help anyone? Any publishing company editors who will allow me to show you what i have?Read More...
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Balance transferring

Judi McGraw Vandeveer
Hello: This is my situation, I have 3 open credit cards, Visa, Quicksilver Capital One, and Discover. In total I owe $2,300.00 I was recently approved for another credit card, with a credit limit of $3,000.00, I am also getting a tax return of $ 1350.00. The balances on these cards have all had timely payments, so there's no problem there ,but here is the problem, without going into all the details, I was forced into an early retirement, and I'm currently just living on my widows benefits...Read More...
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Wells Fargo

Mark anthony Gonzalez
Hello i had fallen into hard times but I'm trying to rebound and be a stand up person and do the right thing and pay back my debt but Wells Fargo closed my credit card and a personal loan i had with them and I've almost been paying them back for the past 5 years but was wondering if anyone knows if they have the right to increase the interest rates every time time there is an interest increase by the Fed's since they closed both accounts ? Shouldn't the rate of the apr stayed the same as...Read More...
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raising credit (FICO) using the snowball effect

maria rose
I recently questioned Pennyhoarder about the sudden hit to my credit (FICO) score, which I thought had to do with Synchrony Bank taking over 6 of my credit cards. I decided to not use (unless totally needed) every one of those cards until I eliminate the balances, using the snowball method. Using a credit simulator, this effort should show some (not much) increase in my FICO score, even with excellent no missed payments. I found out today, that this is a result of a change in what is...Read More...
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Student Loan

Gia S.
I have had a outstanding student loan since 1986! They are now taking 40.00 from my SS check. Is there anything I can do since the school was bogus to begin with, and closed down a few years after it opened. ThxRead More...
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Son has gotten himself into a credit card mess!

Hi there all! New year, new member! I am writing for advice on how best to help my young adult son navigate his way out of $4,000 worth of credit card debt. If you have been , or know someone who has been in this situation, what strategy worked for you/them? What do you all feel about debt consolidation loans? We really need help directing him as the stress of this debt is causing him some major anxiety and panic attacks. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!Read More...
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