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Student Loans vs. Everything Else

Stephanie C
We currently have about $280k in unsubsidized student loan debt (gotta love doctoral programs!), plus a mortgage and some random other debts which will be paid off by the beginning of the year. Every time we look at ideas when it comes to paying off student loans, it seems like we get a different answer, so I'm looking for some more opinions in general. As it stands, we're on an income-based repayment plan. Assuming our incomes don't change at all, over the course of 25 years we would be...Read More...
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Payday loans - essential or evil?

Have you ever taken out a payday loan? These short term loans have been discussed a lot in the news lately because federal plans to restrict payday lending (basically, a lender would have to prove you can probably pay the loan before giving it out) have been shelved for now. A lot of people say payday loans are evil because of their fees - some have interest as much as 700% . But others say they're essential for people who are unbanked or underbanked, meaning they manage their money outside...Read More...
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Guide to on-line debt consolidation

Online debt consolidation programs facilitate people to analysis, apply and participate in debt reduction programs. the buyer will manage the finance of debts at the clicking of a mouse. With the matter of excessive debt growing on these days, on-line debt consolidation programs have become straightforward and helpful. An online debt consolidation program can allow a consumer to get a loan that will combine, or cover, all of the balances of their unsecured debt. This online debt...Read More...
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Unsure How to Proceed

Emily Shifflett
So last year, I had a veterinary emergency for one of my pets that was not covered by his pet insurance. It blew through my savings and then some, but at the end of it, his quality of life is much higher and his life expectancy is normal. I'd do it again. Except now I'm stuck trying to crawl my way out of the debt and that's been a challenge. I don't make a ton of money but live in a HCOL. I've been trying to avalanche it, but aggressively doing so has made me not as financially stable on a...Read More...
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From Debt to Debt-free to Debt again

Jessica Copeland
A while back I was in pretty bad credit card debt due to school, repairs, and, to be honest, several years of not great financial decisions. I ended up getting approved for a personal loan last year and was able to pay off almost all of that debt. However, I moved back out on my own a few months later and due to paying rent, power, etc, along with having to do a few thousand dollars of work on my car and continual medical expenses, I am now in worse debt than I was before. I'm trying to get...Read More...
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debt from a scam/fraud

Yes I am trying to get my finances back in order after a fraud/scam affected my financial life. I am struggling to pay credit cards/ phones from the fraud event. It has hurt my credit score very was reported, I have been trying to fix for 9 months this nightmare. My question is there any way to get aloan with poor credit now to consolidate the balances? I have also been thinking of bankrupsy..any suggestions?Read More...
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credit card trouble again

hello all i am in a jam with my cards again called a credit company and they pretty much said i dont qualify for their program. they said i dont even have enough money coming in to pay my billed and contact my states attorney general to see what would happen if i dont pay my unsecured debt or student loan. i am on disability and he said just to pay my priorities like rent phone food and meds. that no one can attach my income. is this true i live in connecticut. so i set up my payments for...Read More...
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I have about 5000.00 in credit card debt. My account was high jacked and some company out of Daytona Beach was billing my debit card monthly, causing my pmts. To bounce. Now they want double payments, which I can’t afford so they tack on extra fees. I feel like I’m drowning. I disputed these charges and they are returning money slowly. I get a check once a month on disability because of a broken back ( chronic fracture) my credit score in the 500 range and no body wants to give me a loan.Read More...
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My townhome is just a money pit

I bought an older (37 yo) fixer upper townhome last September and thought I got a good discount on it. Well I have replaced the whole heating and air system, had to run new duct work, had to replace windows to be able to see out. I had radiation treatments in Jan & Feb and was sick the whole time. Finally went to pulmonologist and found out I have mold in my lungs. So I'm in the process of having mold testing being done. They found a couple of places that were black and hairy and did a...Read More...
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Great Student Loan payoff apps.

I have found some great apps to help pay down my student loans and they send the money direct to the loan co. for you. Some of the apps also allow you to list credit card debt and auto loans too. They each charge a small processing fee each month but it is worth it. I have an iPhone so I'm not sure if these apps are also offered on the Android platform but their website will tell you. Chipper - newest app to the market offers ways to make extra payments besides the spare change round-ups.Read More...
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Medical Bill In Collections

Moore Income
I just got a letter in the mail today from a collection agency about a medical bill that I had no idea I owed. Apparently, my old address was on file so it took a while to get to me. The bill is from 2017 but I thought I had paid all my medical bills in July of 2018, but my hospital said they don't show amounts on the online portal I use if it has been sent to collections. The problem is, I don't recall ever being outstanding for very long and although my payments do show I missed a month,...Read More...
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