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January Money Challenge: Audit Your Automatic Bills & Subscriptions

Will S.
Welcome to The Penny Hoarder’s first monthly money challenge of 2022. The aim is to help you find simple ways to save money each month. To kick things off, let’s start with a question: How many subscriptions do you have? If you’ve lost track of the number over the years, you’re not alone. But we’re going to help you audit your automatic bill payments and subscriptions to help you save on services you no longer need. Here’s what to do to take the challenge: Go over your monthly statements...Read More...
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Looking for Ideas

Shannon Peel
As an entrepreneur, what problems are you facing that you need a solution for? I'm a writer and my style is to write from the point of view of someone doing research to answer a question or solve a problem. I'm running out of ideas, so I thought I'd ask entrepreneurs, like yourselves, what barriers, challenges, obstacles, emotions you have getting in the way of your success. Please share in the comments and thank you for the help in brainstorming some ideas.Read More...
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what type of Business to start

Dear Fellow Penny Hoarders, I would like to know if anyone has a bright idea for a business. I would like to make one million dollars within one year! I have some capital available for business, but, we all know Dominos Pizza was started with $1,400 loan! So the amount is really not the most important, it is the idea! Thank you, Generous MoroccanRead More...
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Now this is from a blogging point of view, because you want your blog to actually rank min all major search engines. And SEO is not quite as complicated as is often assumed. But rather pretty logic if you know the basics. I'm going to guide you through the basics of keywords and strategic placement. We will cover graphic design and ranking secrets at a later point in time. Why a blog is important to make money online Because it is your chance to proof to your readers that you are as...Read More...
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Investor Clearinghouse for Invention

Hi, Im trying to help my SO get his idea for an auto product to some investors or high profile people who have a fund specifically for this purpose. Does anyone know, say, of a clearinghouse or other for something like this? Ive written a letter and have some names and addresses but Id like to know of or any ideas where I can possibly do a mass mailing.Read More...
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Help us open our car dealership! (ANY INFO/ADVICE IS A BLESSING)

hi im trying to reach out to everyone that might have some helpful information. my fiancé and I are starting a used car dealership and im looking at option in buying in this is the last thing we need for opening day (hopefully June 1) I don't know if you could help or point me in the right direction. we could possibly buy a fleet or a few vehicles. but we cannot receive a loan due to the fact were just starting so as we get closer to June im realizing I need cars and our savings are...Read More...
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Tech help

Nick Valavanis
I have been looking more and more into affiliated marketing. It seems the most inexpensive way to start a side gig. My problem is that my technical skills will only take me so far. I can learn but don't have someone I can talk to. How do I find a person to work with me.Read More...
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Side income anyone can make

Elon Must Save
Hi PH team, Sort and sweet post A lot of people are looking for ways to make some side income, this is one simple way. It takes more time than anything which is good because most of the time people have extra time but no capital to start a business. This is a super low capital idea again just takes time. Make a helpful learning video! Now finished reading this because I know a lot of people might have already lost interest. I'm not talking about some 10-hour long course you need to record...Read More...
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Jt Forhan
i have done accounting consulting work for the last 21 years, i was told when i quit a perfectly good job with benefits to make sure i saved at least 6 months worth of paycheck. because i would have plenty of down time between gigs. that never happened thanks to my great recruiters and then my work ethic of going above and beyond on each assignment. it did teach me to make sure i always left each assignment on great terms with each manager i worked with (many called me personally with...Read More...
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Side Hustles - Are You Cut Out To Be Your Own Boss?

Do you need more money to make ends meet? You could get a part-time job or start a side hustle business. A job doesn't require a startup investment but often doesn't end up paying well. A side gig could pay off big time but requires investment capital and sweat equity to make it grow. What's right for you? Do you have the determination and self-motivation to make a side hustle work? I started a business as a side hustle in 1981 and grew it into a successful full-time enterprise that I still...Read More...
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Best Banks for Business Checking?

Mary Catherine Loftis
I've been looking to switch banks anyway (currently with Suntrust) and I just launched my social media management business, so I'm looking for one that has a good combo of personal account and business account perks. Thanks!Read More...

The best Entrepreneurship Podcast out there

Elon Must Save
This is a short and sweet post. I have listened to tons of business podcasts. Hundreds of hours from Masters of Scale, how I built this, entrepreneur magazine, etc. But the best is My first Million. I shared a link to it below also, they have a daily email called the Hustle also linked. I hope they will inspire you as much as they have inspired me! Also to be clear on the email link this is a referral link. I am not sharing to win anything or make any...Read More...

Deciding what business to start - The 3 filter questions

Elon Must Save
Hi Team, I use the word team because I feel like we are all on the same team here at PH. I had a conversation at work today about the best way to figure out what business to start. I thought this would be a great place to start for a lot of people in the community. The Filter process. Every day lots of people come up with ideas for possible business, they think oh wow that is a problem I am having and others must have it too. This is a great mindset to have. It takes brainpower to realize an...Read More...
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Financial Fitness February: Day 5 (eBay Sales!)

Moore Income
Today I did pretty good about not spending a lot of money and I actually made some money in my business so I would say overall it was a pretty good day. I didn't do any sourcing today as I am turning my attention now towards getting stuff listed, however, there are several stores I would like to visit before this "clearance season" ends. Here are the financial highlights of my day: 1.) eBay Sales - For those who may not know, I am an eBay seller and I buy a lot of items from retail stores...Read More...
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This week in... The Penny Hoarder Community

Happy Friday! Whew! Where has this week gone? Here’s your weekly round up of announcements to get you through today and into the weekend... We’ve crowned our November Member of the Month. Join me in congratulating Lisa Acu ñ a (@lismox) for being selected this month’s winner! We all appreciate your help around here, Lisa. Each month we look to crown a new winner. We’re looking for someone who is super helpful and active in the community. Each winner receives a $25 gift...Read More...
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Happy November!

We’ve made it to the end of the week and the start of a new month Penny Hoarders! Who here can’t believe it’s already November? 😳 This week I want to know if you’re a planner or a procrastinator… Do you start planning and budgeting now for holiday purchases or wait until the last minute? What about your New Year’s resolutions? And now for this week’s announcements… We just hit a HUGE milestone Penny Hoarders… 10,000 community members! Join us in a celebratory happy dance, then go check out...Read More...
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