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Should I get a new or another used car?

Rick Campbell
I have never had a brand new car, one the color inside and outside that I want. I settle for a car I like, used. I try to get gently used, 1 to 4 years old, low miles, but still, usually those are not the color inside or out that I would choose but can deal with. I am considering ordering a car exactly how I want it, inside and out. I know financially this is stupid. But I would for the first time have a car exactly how I want it. So, should I order my first brand new car exactly how I want...Read More...
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Has your credit score ever dropped after paying off debt?

Dear Penny
Has anyone else ever paid off debt only to find that their credit score actually dropped instead of going up?!?! This happened to me recently. I finished paying off $12K of debt at the end of 2020. I paid off my credit cards in early December, but I've kept all the accounts open and have made sure to use each at least once a month. Then on Dec. 30, I paid off the last $800 on my car. My credit score was 778. Then in late February, it dropped to 739. Admittedly, I knew this was likely to...Read More...
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Do you care if people think you're cheap?

Dear Penny
Do you care when other people call you cheap? Or do you wear it like a badge of honor? I recently got this letter from a woman whose aunt died. She hadn't seen her aunt in 30 years, yet she was being asked to chip in $500 for the funeral. She's always been frugal, so she refused. Now she's worried that her family is mad at her. I agree that $500 is a lot of money for someone you haven't seen in a long time.Read More...
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Is it a dealbreaker if your partner refuses to get a job?

Dear Penny
I'm wondering if anyone has ever dealt with a partner or spouse who refuses to work. I'm not talking about partners who can't work because they have a disability or they're sick, or about partners who are staying at home to raise children. I'm talking about significant others who straight up refuse to get a job. I get a ton of letters on the subject. Take this one, for example: The letter writer's fiance got laid off more than six...Read More...
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Is co-signing ever a good idea?

Dear Penny
Happy Friday everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has experience with co-signing. Have you ever been burned by co-signing a loan for someone? Or have you co-signed and had everything work out fine? This week, I answered a letter from a mom whose 25-year-old daughter just started working. Her daughter wants her to co-sign for an $800,000 home. Yikes! I usually tell people not to co-sign because I've heard so many horror...Read More...
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Hello new members!

Hello and welcome to the new Penny Hoarder Community! My name is Briana, a Social Media & Community Strategist at The Penny Hoarder. I'm in the process of paying off credit card debt and establishing a healthy relationship with my finances. I'm also saving for a long-awaited trip to Greece next year!Read More...
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Happy Friday, everyone! With life getting back to normal, I hope you all have plans for a fun vacation or staycation this summer! I can't wait to get out of town for a few days after spending the last 16 months at home. On that note, here's a tricky question I answered from a reader this week. Her boyfriend booked a vacation for the two of them and insisted on paying for it. But he's been kind of a jerk lately and she no longer wants to go. So her question was: Should she pay him half for...Read More...
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Davis Quay
Hello my name is quay I’m from a small town call Alabama I move from there ther is was very rough couldn’t never find jobs always struggled 🥺,but thank god I’m a very intelligent person because through it all I put my self l in school I graduated from job corps in Montgomery al, got my high school diploma and aye trade plus osha now I’m tryna pay of the loans off because I’m school for business of management thank god ……there’s more and etc … jus glad to exploreRead More...
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I like mark laskey"s way of helping us understand about crypto coins and investing. for me giving my social security # was and still is a difficult part of the process. I got scammed at one point in my life, so my guard has been up. but I've learned for it and now I'm seeing how security is set up with all the crypto apps and it seems to pretty safe. another thing that amazes me is all the younger guys that are involved in this crypto coin investing! I feel like they got the jump on me. why...Read More...
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New community members: Say HI and introduce yourself!

Hello Penny Hoarders! I'm so happy to see a ton of new, friendly faces in our community. Did you know we have a whole thread dedicated to new members? If you haven't yet, you can stop in and say hi, and share a little bit more about yourself! Here's the thread: Also, if you're having trouble getting started, you can click the Get Started tab at the top of the page and there will be plenty of information. As always, feel free to...Read More...
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How do you deal with mooching family members and friends?

I was listening to a podcast where a guest who recently came into money was asked how she deals with mooching family members or friends. It got me thinking about this a lot! As you've gotten your finances in order, have you personally experienced this? Whether it's the friend who only reaches out when they need an extra buck or the family member who can't seem to get it together, I was curious to know how you all deal with friends or family who mooch off of you. Does anyone have any special...Read More...
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Estates, probates, and lying to only heir

In January my fiance's father passed away suddenly. From what we were told by his best friend he had been sick and before he made it to the doctor he ended up in the hospital, unconscious, and passed. My fiance was never notified or called. Two days later his dad's common law wife passed from cancer. She was on hospice, morphine, and so incoherent she didn't even know her partner had died. Her sister and niece and brother took over the estate and anything else they desired. For a full week...Read More...
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Unique & meaningful buisness idea by a RN

lisa zavala
Have had a Devine intervention in the last 3 mo of my life & I no longer have debilitating chronic pain!! Am currently working as a charge nurse on an L&D unit in hospital but know God has bigger plans for me to serve the community! I have some ideas but not sure how to start & havent found that 1 idea yet that seems like it is my purpose! Please help if you have any suggestions. No matter how small it is. Thanks in advance & have a great Sunday!Read More...
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What are your favorite Saving hacks?

Saving and budgeting are the most celebrated word among Penny Hoarders. As a saving expert, I have shared many shopping saving tips and amazing ideas to save money in my buying guides. Now, I want to know your favorite shopping hack which you always use and love it. Mine is the cart abandonment and hunting deals and coupons. And yes grabbing freebies is my favorite hobby. What's your's?Read More...
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New Member

Nodia Barnes
Hello everyone my name is Nodia Barnes I just turned 36 last month on the 28th of April. I'm currently a single mother of 2 amazing boys ages 6 and soon to be 4 June 9th. I really look forward to gaining knowledge on this site as well as helpful and authentic. God Bless and keep each and everyone of you all.Read More...
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Question on Postage Stamps

First of all, I realize this may be an odd question, but here it is... Has anyone had any luck purchasing legitimate "Forever Stamps" on eBay. I was reading how some people are able to sell counterfeit Forever Stamps. Obviously, sellers can use images obtained from sources like the U.S. Postal Service, so relying on pictures isn't a reliable method. Does anyone have any suggestions?Read More...
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I'm safe--sort of

Hi all, A lot of you know I live in Indianapolis. By now you've heard about the mass shooting. I wanted to let you know I am safe, as are my friends who work at FedEx--they were thankfully at a different hub. Unfortunately, my sister-in-law knows one of the victims, so my family is not entirely unscathed. She was 19. I'm still in shock, but sadly not surprised--Indiana's gun laws are very lax. I literally called the gun store from the psych ward one time and got approved to buy a gun over...Read More...

What to do in retirement?

Hi i am going crazy trying to decide what to do in retirement. I would love to buy a house with my probable savings in two years and then work part time. The landlord here has been kicking out disabled people over the past year and I want a place to fall back on in case my disabled friend gets kicked out. I also want to have a house where i can get a HELO in case of true emergencies. I am not good at keeping my hand out of the savings cookie jar. What would you do in retirement? I am trying...Read More...
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