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Home Buying

A Time Share...

Jana Fitzpatrick
Well...many years ago we got into the hype and advantage to purchase a time-share. It is now paid in full and we pay the yearly maintenance fees for a place in Whistler, Canada. We have not used it in years and have no plans to in the future. How in the world do we get out of this situation? Can I just fairly pay the last maintenance bill and note that we are releasing this "property?" I hate to go through some kind of service - I feel like they may take advantage with their fees and are not...Read More...
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Too hard to buy a bigger house for a growing family?

Will S.
It's definitely a very hot housing markets for sellers in the U.S. My partner and I were lucky enough to buy an old fixer-upper just before the pandemic hit. Like much of the rest of the country, here in Twin Cities, any decent house will sell almost immediately and go for quite a bit over any reasonable asking price. That said, we foresee us outgrowing our little bungalow in a year or two. The thing is, even if we find a bigger house we can afford, we don't have what it takes to be...Read More...
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Wow, we had a re-assessment this past fall, and my taxes went up 200 a month! I live in a small 2 bedroom condo in SW NH. It's nice- it's home- but not that nice! Anyone else find that their taxes increased drastically with the crazy housing market we are having?Read More...
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Refinancing my home again

In 2020, I applied and was approved to refinance my home. I was able to apply $26,000 towards home improvements but was unable to do everything. Recently, I received an email from the mortgage company saying I can refinance and use my equity to complete any home improvements or pay debt. My question is should I refinance? I'm not sure if it will be worth it since the interest rate increased. My credit score is great, but I still hesitate.Read More...
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When to Refinance? Any thought frameworks?

We Refinanced in Dec 2019 to a 30-year loan at 3.75, and Refidesk is saying we can get a 3.25 it looks like. We have a Jumbo Loan so the .50% rate difference is a big monthly saving. I am not sure about the cost though, Refidesk is saying 5,500. If it costs 5,500 then it makes sense to refinance right? It just seems like I refinanced recently. Any train of thoughts around correctly think about this?Read More...
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How Much Does a Hard Credit Check Ding Your FICO Score?

I am getting closer to buying a condo, and I want to keep my FICO as high as I can so I can get the best mortgage deal for my situation. I want to apply to Care Credit to have some dental work done, and I am sure they will do a hard credit check. How much will that one hard credit check reduce my FICO score? Will that amount significantly affect my FICO score and my mortgage deal? (FYI, I pay all my bills on time and carry no debt of any kind.) Can anyone advise me?Read More...
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Mobile Home purchase

Linda Rae Kimsel
Hello, I would like to know the most affordable way to buy a new Mobile Home. I don't make much money but am almost 51 and am finding it hard to keep up with expensive, monthly rent payments. I don't know what my credit score is. I tried equifax as advised by Penney hoarder but all I received were tons of marking calls and emails! NOT a credit score! I appreciate any and all helpful input. Thank youRead More...
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Previous Foreclosure on a Home Loan

Howard Freeze
Six and a half years ago, I had foreclosure on a home loan, since that time I have worked my way up to having a 797 FICO Score with no credit card debt although I do have a $26,000.00 personal loan. I would like to move to the San Antonio, Texas, area and buy a permanent home within 90 days. Are there mortgage loan companies that make home loans in my situation? If so, suggestions would be appreciated.Read More...
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What the banks don't want new homeowners to know!

Leo S basebybase7
I think this is perfect for this topic, because people buy houses but the average person don't know this. Including a bunch of real estate agents. I seen it first hand I was at one of our meetings and the one doing the presentation ask how many realtors are in the room and a bunch raised their hand. This strategy works for your own house, credit cards, debt, student loans, etc including rental properties it's a POWERFUL TOOL in reality it's just solid education . Don't just my words for it...Read More...
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Would You Buy a "Tiny Home"?

Kirsten Cherry
My husband and I have been obsessed with tiny home living since we heard of it years ago. We always wanted to try it out, but then we had a kid and the thought of living in 200sq feet with a toddler sounds horrendous! But there are still "tiny" homes out there that are just big tiny homes! I'm talking under 1000sq ft for a family. It's not something people in the home-buying process usually look for, but it definitely intrigues us! Would you move to a 960 sq foot house?Read More...
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First time home buyer

Elizabeth A
Is there any way to get very low cost funding to buy a First Time Buyer Home that is minimum 1200 sq. ft. house with Finished Basement, 2-3 BR, 1+1/2 Baths and with only $5,000 Cash saved up (but I'd like to keep $1,000 of that $5,000, if possible) to apply towards my Down Payment & inspection, title search, any other up front costs? Any clever short term ways to do this? I want to get out of this 30 years of trailer park living and buy my own house! Elizabeth ARead More...
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Organizations that will buy your home "as is"

Recently, we have gotten solicitations from a few organizations (i.e. "We Buy Ugly Houses") that will buy your home as is. This helps the seller by not having to put the home on the market, stage it or fix existing problems with the home. Some even claim they will pay for all closing costs. I was just curious if anyone has had experience with organization/s like this? I appreciate any information that may be offered.Read More...
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Home Sale and buy

Ivy Fussell-Raymond
My husband and I are low 50's and we bought our home in 2017 via VA Loan. We live in a HOA community but we would rather by land now and downsize to a modular home. We are working to fix our credit and perhaps sale by the end of next year. Does this plan sound doable? What are some other options to living a more simple life.Read More...

Renting vs. buying a home — how did you make your decision?

I know there are a lot of opinions on whether or not it is best to rent or buy. It's one of the toughest decisions to make, and I truly think there is no right or wrong way. With that said, I was curious to get your take. From personal experience, what are your thoughts on pros and cons of renting? How about buying? Which has been more friendly to your wallet? What factors did you consider when making your decision?Read More...
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Hi I actually feel so stupid asking and I could provide more details if anyone is willing to help..... how do we get a 30 year loan and we are on year 16 and our balance has only decreased by a few thousand dollars. I know interest is paid first then principal but how on earth is 90% or more going to be paid at the end of the years remaining? Again, feeling very stupid. Ugh!Read More...
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Home buying VS renting

Wendy Pippin-Yarberry
I am in my early fifties and as I was growing up measure of whether you were successful or not with whether you (and a spouse of necessary) owned a home Those days are gone I'm afraid as the wealth gap, the lending crisis(Ty banks🤬), and other (ahem!) weird happenings in our country have bred a climate of instability, distrust and separation. Students are going to school and getting master's degrees and ending up back in their parents basements because there are no jobs for them. As these...Read More...
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Non traditional homes

Tiffanei Terrell
I read a great Penny Hoarder article some years back about living in a trailer. I would love to see more articles, especially now, about non traditional homes and people successfully living in them-like trailers, van dwellers, small shed dwellers, etc. I am eager for creative types to start thinking outside the box in terms of what is or is not possible for long term residential dwelling. ThanksRead More...
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Buy now or wait a year?

Jobelle Collie
I need to build a home that has handicap modifications because I plan to age in place and NEVER go to a nursing home. I already have a home health nurse, but may have to expand her role as I become more aged. My current home has a negligible mortgage (about $5000 USD) so when I sell it, I’ll make my money back I paid for it. I’ve been looking to move for about two years, but finding the right builder, land has been a hard nut to crack. So I went to a real estate attorney to put me in the...Read More...
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Seeking Opinion on Loan Estimate for Multi-Family | FHA 1st Buyer

I'm purchasing a multi family at a purchase price of $314,000 with $9k back for closing costs, prepaids, escrow. I'm Using FHA MA Housing First Time Buyer Program w/3.5% down payment assistance program (the 3.5% down payment is financed at 2% interest for 15 years). I'm seeking opinions on whether this loan estimate is fair and which fees are negotiable. Is the origination cost the lenders "Commission"? What would be a fair concession amount to ask for from the lender for, if any? See pics...Read More...
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Finding a rebuttable Agent.

Jobelle Collie
I’m disabled and have a service dog. Viewing homes with him has been terrible. Also, some Agents don’t want to work with me because of my limitations. No stairs, etc. I know I can sell my current home, I will be debt free in six months (July 20) and have a downpayment, even though I can go VA with zero down. My credit score is good and I’ve been pre-approved for a new mortgage. The only sticking point is finding an Agent willing to work with a disabled person with a service dog. Any ideas?Read More...
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