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How are you protecting your money against inflation? 

Rachel Christian
Hey there Penny Hoarders! If you haven’t heard, inflation is getting a little crazy. Annual inflation rose by 4.4% in September — the fastest pace in over 30 years. I’m curious to hear what you think about this. Do you anticipate inflation will keep going up or cool off soon? I just finished writing an article (it’ll be online soon) about I bonds from the U.S. government. These bonds are specifically built to protect against inflation and they’re currently offering a 7.12% interest rate if...Read More...
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Has anyone used Fundrise or DiversyFund for real estate investing?

I've been thinking about trying one of these 2 funds to dip my toes in real estate investing but I can't find much information (opinions) on people's experiences with them. My financial advisor was "so-so" about them. "Play with them if you want but don't put the bulk of your retirement in them." So I'm hoping that some people here have some experiences to share with these two. Thanks!Read More...
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How to capitalize from the stock market panic right now.

Elon Must Save
Hi Team, This post is going to be short and straight forward. Because of the panic due to Covid 19 the stock market has plummeted. It recently saw the biggest drop in a single day since 2008. So what to do. The best thing to do is open an investing account. If you have more than $10k then open a Vanguard account and buy the S&P 500 index fund. Its symbol is VOO. If you have less than 10K then sign up for the Robinhood app on iPhone and Android. This is a commission-free platform. Then do...Read More...
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Hope everyone is having a good week! I have a parenting money question: When do you plan to (or did you) talk to your kids about investing? I grew up in a house where I was taught to save my money, and I’m grateful for that. However, we never really talked about investing. As a result, investing for me has mostly been limited to my 401(k). I recently opened a Robinhood account to invest in an ETF via the dollar-cost average method. (I know a few bucks a week won’t make me rich, but you have...Read More...
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Is there a way to invest but still have immediate access to the money?

Is there a way to safely invest emergency money but still have immediate access to it if needed? I'm currently unemployed and looking for work and I have a small amount in a savings account but I know it's not making any money there but if I need to pay a bill or rent, I can at a moment's notice. Is there a way to put the money in a investment solution where it can make money while sitting but can be used whenever I need to without jumping through hoops or dealing with penalties and fees?Read More...
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Investment apps

Tim F.
I have been interested in the investment apps such as Stash, Acorns, and Robinhood. I've been using them for a while now, mostly Stash, and now have more income and would like to get more into investing. Now, I still don't have a bunch of money to invest. Which is why I enjoy Stash with the fractional shares. I like Acorns' of the ease of investment with the funds already picked out. And I like the free trade and ease of trade on Robinhood. I have a 401k through my employer so that is my big...Read More...
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Commercial Real Estate

Alex McDonough
In the article " If You Have More Than $1,000 in Your Checking Account, Make These 6 Moves" The first suggestion is to invest in commercial real estate. With Covid affecting every business and work from home becoming a reality, I challenge this suggestion as it looks more and more like commercial real estate is about to collapse as new buildings are increasingly empty.Read More...
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dividend investments

The best thing I did to have money in my retirement was to start buying stocks in my 30's and reinvesting the dividends. There are many stocks that can be bought without a broker. The first one I invested in was Wal Mart. I bought most of my shares when the were $20. something. Each quarter I would get a statement that showed how much my dividend was and what fraction of a share I now owned in Wal Mart. It was a happy day when my dividend equaled 1/2 share and then a whole share. There were...Read More...
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Michelle Schumacher
After the disastrous Wall Street situation, I would be less inclined to invest through Robinhood because of their “unfair” trading stocks situation. Having worked for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange a few years, understanding hedge funds and shorting a trade also helps. Turning off a stock because a trading firm or hedge fund group is losing billions is still considered a felony! It is no longer a free market! All of the hedge funders and anyone else involved should be in jail! Do not...Read More...
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Suggestions on investments?

Jill M
My husband and I have been very careful about saving our money. We currently have a savings account with about 6 months worth of expenses saved up. We also have a 401k through my job that I contribute to and a Roth IRA we don't really contribute to but just let grow, though not a ton in either of those yet. We also currently hold a mortgage and a small car loan, and those are our only two liabilities and we pay extra on those every month. So I'm looking for suggestions on where we could...Read More...
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Long term Investments for the future

n the off chance that you are prepared to put away cash for a future occasion, for example, retirement or a kid's advanced degree, you have a few alternatives. You don't need to put resources into dangerous stocks or adventures. You can without much of a stretch put your cash in manners that are protected, which will show a nice return throughout a significant stretch of time. First think about bonds. There are different kinds of bonds that you can buy. Bond's are like Certificates of...Read More...
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Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy: Since putting is definitely not a slam dunk as a rule, it is similar as a game – you don't have the foggiest idea about the result until the game has been played and a champ has been announced. Whenever you play practically any kind of game, you have a procedure. Contributing isn't any extraordinary – you need a speculation procedure. A speculation methodology is fundamentally an arrangement for putting your cash in different sorts of ventures that will help you meet...Read More...