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Make Money

Hey, all! I'm curious to know what everyone's experiences have been regarding delivering with food apps—Grubhub, Doordash, Uber Eats, etc. I've done it a few times and made a decent $15-20 an hour, which is great to grab a bit of extra money for hobbies. We recently published a guide on getting the most out of your deliveries , and I'm curious to see if anyone also has any additional tips while on the road. Cheers!Read More...
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Online business

Rhonda Miller
I am retiring from being a wedding planner and decorator. I have over 20 years of experience working with brides, venues and venders. When brides say yes there is an overwhelming amount of planning to be done. I would like to talk the brides through the process. Budgeting, finding venues, DJ’s, cake decorators etc. I can also book honeymoon plans. How would I go about creating an online wedding planner service? Virtual planner?Read More...
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Michael McCarville
I don't mind driving and my job offers some time during lunch that I can make a delivery or two to earn extra money. However, the apps I use, Roadie and Doordash, are not paying enough to compensate for gas. Does anyone have advice for making a quick buck in my spare time?Read More...
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Affiliate Marketing

Stephanie Williams
Hi... I have been looking at various ways to create some passive income streams, but as you may imagine, I've run across a LOT of scams! I'd like to break into affiliate marketing, but it's hard to know what is legitimate. I recently read on the blog about how the Penny Hoarder vets online job opportunities, and I often check into the recommendations about ways to make extra money online, but none have listed affiliate marketing. Has it simply not been researched, or is it a pipe dream? Just...Read More...
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New to, but love it already. Broke my leg 2 months ago. Had surgery and have been recovering ever since. I was planning to get a CDL license before the accident happened. I am currently unemployed and I MUST start earning income somehow. I was thinking of getting a PT job until I can get the CDL, but my leg/foot/knee swell up when I stand on it too long. Yes, I can kind of stand on it for balance, but I do need to use one crutch. I do not qualify for disability. I am a senior lady...Read More...
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What's the best job or side gig you've ever had and why?

I'm curious: what's a job you held that you just loved and why? For me, it was actually my first job as a teenager. I was a librarian's assistant. I basically spent every day near books. As a certified bookworm, it was a dream role and the additional pocket money was the cherry on the top, especially as a teen. I have a career in marketing now that I absolutely love, but when I think back, working at the library was definitely an amazing gig I'll always remember.Read More...
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hello everyone, was wondering, if any one else works for a school dirst.?? i have reached my level of raises .its now up to the board to give us raises, i work par time, i laugh, because McDonald help make 15.00 dollars and i don't .but i love my job, so i ask this great community on their thoughts thank you this is a great learning communityRead More...
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It’s official; the iPod is dead. Apple has officially discontinued the last iPod in its lineup, the iPod touch, bringing it all to a close in 2022. We recently published an article on how much money some iPods are still selling for on eBay, so be sure to check in your drawers and your closets to see if you might have a few hundred dollars lying around (that’s always fun to find). On the flip side, I’d love to hear any stories anyone has about their iPod back in the day. It indeed was a...Read More...
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6 Easy Ways To Make Money with Micro Jobs in the Gig Economy

Making money from home has become increasingly easy thanks to the growing sensation of the Gig Economy. Not only has remote work, and work-from-home jobs given people more flexibility in their schedules, it’s also opened the floodgates of new work opportunities we couldn't previously imagine. As many employees find freelance work more opportunistic, and lucrative, many are now stifled by the number of choices they have when it comes to small, or micro-jobs they can easily complete from home.Read More...
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Easiest Way I Make Money Blogging

Carrie Kay
I am not your typical run of the mill blogger. I don't follow the rules. I write how I want, about what I want and don't miss a single view of someone who doesn't like what I say. I don't write the stupid long posts about how I found a certain recipe. I read one and after 5 lines I scrolled to the recipe. My finger stopped the scrolling at a point where the writer stated after he had sent his family and friends on a scavenger hunt throughout the house looking for this recipe, I had to stop...Read More...
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Best Books On Making Money?

Hey all, I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on books that has helped you personally make more money? I read about 29 books last year and am starting to run out of ideas of what to read, so I'm open to suggestions. I can share first: one of the main issues w/ side hustles/business is struggling to build a consistent habit and doing the work everyday. So many people I talk to IRL are plagued with the problems of procrastination and not being able to get themselves to do the work...Read More...
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A Resource for Side Gigs

I've been intending to post about this site, but just getting to it. If it has been posted before on this forum, I may have missed it and apologize if it's a repeat. It's called Sidehusl . The site was created by a former syndicated finance columnist for the LA Times, Kathy Kristof. I used to read her columns back in the 90s so when I stumbled across Sidehusl , I opened it and it was her. She has great info about side gigs and provides a quiz to help you identify what would suit you. Please...Read More...
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Real Estate for beginners

Ryan 35
Real Estate can help with Many things such as achieving passive income which can help with retirement, it can help you buy more real state to make even more money or you can do it to just put some money in your pocket. Now let’s say you bought a building during COVID in a relatively good area, right now that building would most likely have gone up in price meaning you would have equity. What’s equity you may ask, well its when the price of your property goes up or is worth more the bank will...Read More...
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Making Money While Staying Home with the Kids

Carrie Kay
I am a stay-at-home mom. Have been for almost 11 years. My "job" consisted of raising our kids. Making dinner and making sure my husband has food and coffee for the day. I didn't really think much about working from home. I started blogging about 7 years ago. I was really good at it and then this pandemic hit. Just like everyone else in the world, we had to stop what we were doing and tr to figure out this new way of life. The fact that this hit our oldest child hard because she was in...Read More...
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Is burnout inevitable when you work multiple jobs?

Tiffany Connors
Hi Penny Hoarders! Hope everyone’s having a good Thursday. I've been going through a money situation for the past year, and I was wondering how the rest of you handle this kind of thing. Early last summer, my husband and I realized we needed to replace our bathroom tub/shower and window — they were in really bad shape. The contractor gave us an estimate that was within our budget, but of course nothing ever goes as planned with home renos. The total cost ended up being 50% more than the...Read More...
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Bad money ideas

Hi guys! Hope you're staying safe. I'm working on an e-book, and it got me remembering trying to make money as a kid. My parents never encouraged me, not even with a lemonade stand, so I went to my friends with advice to make money. Sometimes this resulted in good ideas, and other times--well, some kids really need therapy. There was a rumor in my hometown (a small suburb of Indianapolis) that Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis had a $10,000 reward for catching grave robbers. To a...Read More...
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