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January Money Challenge: Audit Your Automatic Bills & Subscriptions

Will S.
Welcome to The Penny Hoarder’s first monthly money challenge of 2022. The aim is to help you find simple ways to save money each month. To kick things off, let’s start with a question: How many subscriptions do you have? If you’ve lost track of the number over the years, you’re not alone. But we’re going to help you audit your automatic bill payments and subscriptions to help you save on services you no longer need. Here’s what to do to take the challenge: Go over your monthly statements...Read More...
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Anyone else "bomb" at selling stuff online??

Im out of work during the summers, so I usually declutter and I decided to list some new items on offerup and craigslist. Ive had a couple nibbles but no serious buyers. I do post complete discriptions and numerous pictures but to date Ive sold nothing! I ask minimum return on stuff so Im starting to wonder if the ones who are interested are expecting it for free? Suggestions?Read More...
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A Resource for Side Gigs

I've been intending to post about this site, but just getting to it. If it has been posted before on this forum, I may have missed it and apologize if it's a repeat. It's called Sidehusl . The site was created by a former syndicated finance columnist for the LA Times, Kathy Kristof. I used to read her columns back in the 90s so when I stumbled across Sidehusl , I opened it and it was her. She has great info about side gigs and provides a quiz to help you identify what would suit you. Please...Read More...
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Is burnout inevitable when you work multiple jobs?

Tiffany Connors
Hi Penny Hoarders! Hope everyone’s having a good Thursday. I've been going through a money situation for the past year, and I was wondering how the rest of you handle this kind of thing. Early last summer, my husband and I realized we needed to replace our bathroom tub/shower and window — they were in really bad shape. The contractor gave us an estimate that was within our budget, but of course nothing ever goes as planned with home renos. The total cost ended up being 50% more than the...Read More...
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Best Books On Making Money?

Hey all, I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on books that has helped you personally make more money? I read about 29 books last year and am starting to run out of ideas of what to read, so I'm open to suggestions. I can share first: one of the main issues w/ side hustles/business is struggling to build a consistent habit and doing the work everyday. So many people I talk to IRL are plagued with the problems of procrastination and not being able to get themselves to do the work...Read More...
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Work From Home Jobs

Ashley Dallis
I graduated from college in March for Medical Billing and Coding, but it's hard to find a job in this field without certification. I'm trying to find a great work from home job in this field that doesn't require a certification because I'm unable to pay for the certification test at this moment. Any suggestions?Read More...
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Ideas on how to make $ at home

Tempestt Gebhardt
Looking for ideas to make $ from home. Preferably quick easy $ but really just $ period. When suggesting please be mindful that I’m “craft” challenged lol I see ideas for crafts online all the time, I love them, enjoy doing them but no matter what the craft is my outcome is that of an unsupervised kindergartener during art 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 (no I’m not exaggerating.) so making anything to sell is hard no so any other suggestions are much appreciated.Read More...
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What's the best job or side gig you've ever had and why?

I'm curious: what's a job you held that you just loved and why? For me, it was actually my first job as a teenager. I was a librarian's assistant. I basically spent every day near books. As a certified bookworm, it was a dream role and the additional pocket money was the cherry on the top, especially as a teen. I have a career in marketing now that I absolutely love, but when I think back, working at the library was definitely an amazing gig I'll always remember.Read More...
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I keep seeing articles from the Penny Hoarder that suggest games like this that pay you when you play. Example here lists Solitaire Cash & Bubble Cash: 50 Ways to Make Money . I tried Foap as per suggested by PH, & it didn't work out at all. The app was slowly becoming some creepy fetish fest & it was flooded with nonsensical photos (like accidental shots people took or photos of their family- it was weird). I'm desperate to get some extra cash as my only vehicle died last week...Read More...
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Are there any * legitimate * wfh jobs??

Manderz Panderz
I've always written content for textbroker, but like other content mills, I'm finding it just isn't worth it to slave over an awesome article all day (that I can't even keep the rights to) all to make $5-8. I applied at a few 'chat agent' remote jobs that I was SURE I had it in my cards to to the second interview on BOTH and answered those questions flawlessly. In both cases, I got a generic email saying they were going to pick someone else... I have a long work history of customer...Read More...
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Various jobs

Chrissy Goff
I cleaned houses for some elderly neighbors, I cleaned a thrift shop on weekends when they were closed and got to buy things at a discount. I do surveys and get paid in amazon cash and other gift cards. I replaced a termite infested wall of my garage with Lowes and Home Depot gift cards from doing surveys. My job is slow so I get to do most of my surveys at work, my boss isn't busy either so he doesn't mind as long as I do my job. LOLRead More...
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Making more money in a rural town/city

I've lived in this small town for about 6 years now & overall it's been nice. The small town vibe is usually great, though there are drawbacks just the same. Right now my biggest struggle is finding better jobs. I really hope y'all would have some good suggestions. I've tried to look this up, ask on Reddit, & talked with some people IRL to figure it out. I'm still stuck. I'm not really able to profit from a side-hustle as I'm already working full-time with a long commute. I am slowly...Read More...
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Need Some Help from Others much more experienced then me

Hi, New here I hope and pray all is going ok out there ? well where we at I have Disability‘s in early 50’s not on SSI wife works as cashier so I’m looking to make some money during the week or the day maybe spending an hour or two to help out only way I can from our place but thats it I can do at this time due to with my very bad dizziness I have vertigo I appreciate any help Please Stay Safe out their and God BlessRead More...
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Working From Home Parents: What's it Really Like?

So I'm a newer mom of two; oldest is 5 and just started school, the youngest is 5 months old. When youngest was born, I was really looking forward to going back to work and contributing to our income in some way. I was hoping to work from home (I will literally consider anything) but send the youngest off to daycare a few hours a day. Not only would that give me a bit of a mom break and sense of accomplishment, but it would give us some extra income to boost debt pay off and savings. Hubby...Read More...
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