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Working From Home Parents: What's it Really Like?

So I'm a newer mom of two; oldest is 5 and just started school, the youngest is 5 months old. When youngest was born, I was really looking forward to going back to work and contributing to our income in some way. I was hoping to work from home (I will literally consider anything) but send the youngest off to daycare a few hours a day. Not only would that give me a bit of a mom break and sense of accomplishment, but it would give us some extra income to boost debt pay off and savings. Hubby...Read More...
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Share your negotiation success story

I've found that one key to financial freedom is just being comfortable making an ask. With that said, does anyone have a successful negotiation story to share Whether you negotiated a major purchase, salary, rent, or a bill, I'd love to hear about it! What did you negotiate? How did you go about the negotiation? And if you haven't negotiated successfully, I'd still love to hear about a time when you tried and what you learned from it. Hoping these success (or learning) stories will help us...Read More...
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Selling on Mercari

Molly Moorhead
Hey everyone! I'm Molly, an editor here at The Penny Hoarder. I recently started selling on Mercari and thought I would share my experience. I had only ever bought second-hand items on sites like ThredUp and Poshmark. (My most recent purchase is a Dooney & Bourke handbag I got on Poshmark for $99 that would have cost a few hundred new. I love it so much and love that I got it for a bargain!) I really never thought much about selling because it seemed like work, especially having to deal...Read More...
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Anyone else "bomb" at selling stuff online??

Im out of work during the summers, so I usually declutter and I decided to list some new items on offerup and craigslist. Ive had a couple nibbles but no serious buyers. I do post complete discriptions and numerous pictures but to date Ive sold nothing! I ask minimum return on stuff so Im starting to wonder if the ones who are interested are expecting it for free? Suggestions?Read More...
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Is burnout inevitable when you work multiple jobs?

Tiffany Connors
Hi Penny Hoarders! Hope everyone’s having a good Thursday. I've been going through a money situation for the past year, and I was wondering how the rest of you handle this kind of thing. Early last summer, my husband and I realized we needed to replace our bathroom tub/shower and window — they were in really bad shape. The contractor gave us an estimate that was within our budget, but of course nothing ever goes as planned with home renos. The total cost ended up being 50% more than the...Read More...
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What's the best job or side gig you've ever had and why?

I'm curious: what's a job you held that you just loved and why? For me, it was actually my first job as a teenager. I was a librarian's assistant. I basically spent every day near books. As a certified bookworm, it was a dream role and the additional pocket money was the cherry on the top, especially as a teen. I have a career in marketing now that I absolutely love, but when I think back, working at the library was definitely an amazing gig I'll always remember.Read More...
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I feel stuck. How do I get my e-commerce biz going?

Christaine Griffin
It's hard to find something I am good at because I am stuck trying to have the right information. Like warning labels, name labels, ingredient labels etc. I tried making soaps, candles, foot scrubs but I can't seems to have the right information for the labels. I am very stuck on how sell to sale, labeling, and getting customers. What can I do?Read More...
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Should I create a LLC?

Hello Community! I've recently been looking into some extra ways to make some money and i'm thinking of creating and selling digital products(ebooks, templates, etc.). I wanted to know if any of you have experience with owning a LLC and if it would be beneficial for me(tax purposes wise) for the products to be created from an LLC vs. something just created by myself. Thanks so much for your help!Read More...
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Ideas on how to make $ at home

Tempestt Gebhardt
Looking for ideas to make $ from home. Preferably quick easy $ but really just $ period. When suggesting please be mindful that I’m “craft” challenged lol I see ideas for crafts online all the time, I love them, enjoy doing them but no matter what the craft is my outcome is that of an unsupervised kindergartener during art 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 (no I’m not exaggerating.) so making anything to sell is hard no so any other suggestions are much appreciated.Read More...
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Working at home

I love all the work PH puts into working from home and maintaining the job site. Vetting the companies before sharing postings, tips and advice, all great. So I was shocked when I saw that PH had many positions available but none classified as remote option possible. Could it be they don't follow their own advice?Read More...
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Selling items through apps/online

Hi, I was wondering which sites/apps you would recommend for selling items. I've used Mercari, eBay, PoshMark, and Facebook Marketplace to buy things. However, I know that on most apps/sites the seller doesn't make much, at least that's the case with Mercari and PoshMark. I like Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor because they are local and I wouldn't have to worry about shipping costs. Craigslist kind of creeps me out because I've heard so many disturbing stories that started with the site. I...Read More...

Making money at home being on Social Security Disability

Paul Wehrmeister
I am on Social Security Disability due to a brain injury. I would like to find out how I can make money from home, and what my income limits are. Not looking for a set schedule due to probably not being able to keep up with it. I was a Dietary Manager at a Nursing Home, and was in the food service business for 25 years. Online surveys don't really make much money. Any advice would be appreciated.Read More...
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Make Money on What Other People Throw Away

America is a throw-away society. We all know that. We all have a lot of junk that we do not need, and just about all of us have things piling up relentlessly in out attics, garages, basements, closets and even in the wide open of the back yard. A lot of people try to ignore the problem until they can no longer get into their garage, or when they find it impossible to squeeze one more item into the attic. They have too much junk and they need to get rid of it. Often, they will pay someone to...Read More...
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