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Working at home

I love all the work PH puts into working from home and maintaining the job site. Vetting the companies before sharing postings, tips and advice, all great. So I was shocked when I saw that PH had many positions available but none classified as remote option possible. Could it be they don't follow their own advice?Read More...
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Selling items through apps/online

Hi, I was wondering which sites/apps you would recommend for selling items. I've used Mercari, eBay, PoshMark, and Facebook Marketplace to buy things. However, I know that on most apps/sites the seller doesn't make much, at least that's the case with Mercari and PoshMark. I like Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor because they are local and I wouldn't have to worry about shipping costs. Craigslist kind of creeps me out because I've heard so many disturbing stories that started with the site. I...Read More...

Making money at home being on Social Security Disability

Paul Wehrmeister
I am on Social Security Disability due to a brain injury. I would like to find out how I can make money from home, and what my income limits are. Not looking for a set schedule due to probably not being able to keep up with it. I was a Dietary Manager at a Nursing Home, and was in the food service business for 25 years. Online surveys don't really make much money. Any advice would be appreciated.Read More...
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Make Money on What Other People Throw Away

America is a throw-away society. We all know that. We all have a lot of junk that we do not need, and just about all of us have things piling up relentlessly in out attics, garages, basements, closets and even in the wide open of the back yard. A lot of people try to ignore the problem until they can no longer get into their garage, or when they find it impossible to squeeze one more item into the attic. They have too much junk and they need to get rid of it. Often, they will pay someone to...Read More...
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Entry Level Employment in NYC

Good morning everyone, I have a stepson that has been struggling with finding employment in NYC over the past several month. He has over 4 years experience working in the check cashing business, 2 years as a freelance photographer and 1 year experience working in retail. Please let me know if anyone mya have some guidance or any opening they may know of that he can apply for. Any assistance will truly be appreciated.Read More...


Losing everything
I am stuck. Need emergency funds now! Please help! Car has been repossessed. Eviction notice. Daughter is being taken away due to no vehicle. I've tried every resource possible and nothing recently. I have no one to help me and no support. I had to refile for unemployment and not sure when that will come, but its just not enough to get out of this financial disaster.Read More...

Need Help: Prices for Personized Poems

My husband writes poetry. He loves this and wants to make a business out of it. He has a website: He has some poems up there now but has written many more he just has to post. He want to write personized poems for special events in peoples life. We need your help to find out how much people might pay for this: Here are some prices I have come up with for the poems. Price of poems are based on 10 to 12 lines of poem. Are they reasonable? Are they to high? Are...Read More...
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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night TPH members! I've been a Penny Hoarder admirer from afar, enjoyed the advice provided by the website, the members, and many links provided by both. I will be saying goodbye to my current employer in the next few weeks to dive into the tele-work market. My request for information is about the tools needed to be successful. I've read that a newer desktop computer is often more efficient than a Chromebook or mac. I have wireless monitors, keyboard,...Read More...
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NASA bed rest study

Hi Penny Hoarders, I read about a NASA bed rest study in the "50 Ways to Make Extra Money This Month" report by the Penny Hoarders Staff and updated November 9, 2020. It is number 31. But it's just a description- no links or information about how you would go about getting in on this opportunity. The pay sounded good- $19,000 for 60 days! Does anyone know about this?Read More...
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Side hustle from home

Leslie Kay
I am the self-proclaimed side hustle queen amongst my friends and family. I am limited by some health issues and income restrictions so I have to watch for certain criteria. But I hear that frequently in this forum so I thought that I would share my latest money-making find. They pay you thru Paypal and your 1099 is from Paypal, not the company. I have started being an ESL tutor online . I particularly like Cambly for the majority of people because you do not have to have any college degree...Read More...
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