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Evelyn Orourke
hello this is evelyn i am looking ways to make extra money online that dose n ot require degree, dont know if i like customer service , just want part time job to hold me over i am retired, miss u guys to thank you for checking up on meRead More...

5 Ways to Earn During the Pandemic

Hello there Penny Hoarder community, I just wanted to share this article we wrote. I think it can help; maybe some of you are looking for ways to earn and make money during these hard times. Have no fear, here are 5 simple tips on how you can make extra money during this lock-down and quarantine season. ays-to-earn-during-the-pandemic/Read More...

How do I make $1 million in 5 years?

Eze Sunday
I have been trying to up my game to grow my finances amidst this pandemic. I have a couple of skills like content marketing and programming. I have started setting up small services and businesses around my current skill. I really want to scale up really quickly. And my goal is $1 million in 5 years. I need your advice, what do you think I can do to make this happen?Read More...

find a job and prepare docs

Good day all, I just got a job and I can't wait to share with you! I was working part time at a Sushi store as well as a hotel. But the pandemic ruins them all and I realized how much I need for a stable full time job. I want to share my experience (in the scope of Australia) here and hopefully can help you find your dream job soon. 1. CV / Resume Generally resumes should be longer and more comprehensive than CV but in Aus they're mostly the same. If you apply for floor staff, keep your CV...Read More...

How many Scams have you Fallen Victim to?

Deon Christie
There are so many scams on the internet these days, and it's hard to identify the difference. When all the advertising strategies are nearly identical. But we all fall for the same suggestion every time. Making a lot of money fast! It's a marketing tactic, and what's even more annoying. Is that the impressive screenshots you see is often the truth. What they don't tell you however is that making that kind of money will take a few years. A sneaky marketing tactic, but a rather effective one...Read More...

Is there Really a way to make MONEY ONLINE?

Greetings, I have tried several different PROMISES" about making Money online and most the time it's just a con-game where they make Money off of you and then get Ripped Off ! So my Question are there any "REAL PROGRAMS" out there where Money can be made and I would appreciate Proof; Im tired of having my Money "STOLEN" !!! Sincerely, BradyRead More...


lori wulff
I started 2 years ago checking dumpsters of retail stores, drug stores, and dollar stores. I got started by one day i stoped at CVS and before i left i went to throw out some stuff i had in the car. OMG! This is when i saw bottles unopened of shampoo, conditioning, cosmetics etc.. I was shocked to see all this perfectly good stuff in the trash. So, I started checking it on a regular basis and I still do to this day. I sell what i can, donate some to the homeless. I have made up to $200 a day...Read More...

How to make money

I was looking for a job on the Internet for a very long time, but one evening, when I had already lost hope, I came across a very interesting course.With it's help I earn decent money every day who is interested in this link: More...

Work from home/no experience!

Angela Nieto
I use to be a caregiver and decided to work from home, unfortunately that's all the experience I have. I'm having EXTREME difficulties finding a WFH job because that's all I know how to do! I would appreciate any suggestions you could give me. I'm trying transcription and not doing very well! I do have basic typing skills, but there's no way I can type 70WPM. I'm pretty much failing at every job lead I find. I really need some income and I do do surveys but I want to say... Will I ever be...Read More...

Bad money ideas

Hi guys! Hope you're staying safe. I'm working on an e-book, and it got me remembering trying to make money as a kid. My parents never encouraged me, not even with a lemonade stand, so I went to my friends with advice to make money. Sometimes this resulted in good ideas, and other times--well, some kids really need therapy. There was a rumor in my hometown (a small suburb of Indianapolis) that Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis had a $10,000 reward for catching grave robbers. To a...Read More...

Seeking work from home FT/PT

Dana Fav
Hello, I am currently seeking work from home. I have experience as a Health Care Manager that works with clients based on their needs; providing them with referrals such as DSS, housing, MAS transportation, health insurance, food pantries, IEP evaluations, mental health services, and more. Also, if anyone knows of any positions working from home for data entry please let me know. Thank you! DanaRead More...

hello i would like talk to you about making some money

julie olsen
hello my name is julie and i am interested in making some money i am new at this job and probably sould weird sorry i am a little nerviceand exited i have been a stay at home mom and cant wait to make first check or how ever this worlds lol anyways i hope to herer from you so we can chat more about first jobs and moneyRead More...

i want to make money blogging

Hi, Pennyhoarder I have a lot of respect of the amount of rich content you guys produce, all these blog post are so much helpful. I'm very passionate about blogging, but I have many issues is I don't have a capital to start or what type of blog niches that makes more money. Also, I need help to make money online legitimately. Please, provide me with good list of sites that I can make money quickly. I'm interested on these categories to make money working on.. -social media manager -proofreaderRead More...

How do I do it?

Josh Murphree
How can I make a substantial amount of money online, what companies can I work from to make money with a diploma and no startup finances or fees, please help, I'm broke!!!Read More...

Coronavirus - options after getting laid off

Hey all, Does anyone have ideas for a temporary / short term job or part time job for someone who works in hotel event operations and just got laid off? With everything closing down it seems like a virtual gig is the best option but wanted to throw it out there if anyone had ideas. Thanks!Read More...

4 simple Ideas for side income - the helpful version

Elon Must Save
I know there are plenty of youtube videos and blogs on passive or side income but I wanted to condense it here. From my experience, most of these videos or blogs are pretty unhelpful for two reasons. 1. they tell you things like, download this app and make $50 a year, (not enough money to make a difference) or 2. they list the obvious ones like go drive for Uber or Lyft. Great idea I would have never thought of that on my own. This is my shortlist of four effective ways I have found that you...Read More...
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