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Work from home/no experience!

Angela Nieto
I use to be a caregiver and decided to work from home, unfortunately that's all the experience I have. I'm having EXTREME difficulties finding a WFH job because that's all I know how to do! I would appreciate any suggestions you could give me. I'm trying transcription and not doing very well! I do have basic typing skills, but there's no way I can type 70WPM. I'm pretty much failing at every job lead I find. I really need some income and I do do surveys but I want to say... Will I ever be...Read More...
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Seeking work from home FT/PT

Dana Fav
Hello, I am currently seeking work from home. I have experience as a Health Care Manager that works with clients based on their needs; providing them with referrals such as DSS, housing, MAS transportation, health insurance, food pantries, IEP evaluations, mental health services, and more. Also, if anyone knows of any positions working from home for data entry please let me know. Thank you! DanaRead More...
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hello i would like talk to you about making some money

julie olsen
hello my name is julie and i am interested in making some money i am new at this job and probably sould weird sorry i am a little nerviceand exited i have been a stay at home mom and cant wait to make first check or how ever this worlds lol anyways i hope to herer from you so we can chat more about first jobs and moneyRead More...
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i want to make money blogging

Hi, Pennyhoarder I have a lot of respect of the amount of rich content you guys produce, all these blog post are so much helpful. I'm very passionate about blogging, but I have many issues is I don't have a capital to start or what type of blog niches that makes more money. Also, I need help to make money online legitimately. Please, provide me with good list of sites that I can make money quickly. I'm interested on these categories to make money working on.. -social media manager -proofreaderRead More...
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4 simple Ideas for side income - the helpful version

Elon Must Save
I know there are plenty of youtube videos and blogs on passive or side income but I wanted to condense it here. From my experience, most of these videos or blogs are pretty unhelpful for two reasons. 1. they tell you things like, download this app and make $50 a year, (not enough money to make a difference) or 2. they list the obvious ones like go drive for Uber or Lyft. Great idea I would have never thought of that on my own. This is my shortlist of four effective ways I have found that you...Read More...
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Home Assembly Jobs

Hell Penny, I am interested in finding legitimate home assembly jobs and would like to request that you post such types of jobs or please advise me on how to go about finding them as I have run across a few scams out there. Thank you, Motherqueen1Read More...

Financial Fitness February: Day 3

Moore Income
The days are just flying by and we are already 3 days into this month. As part of my challenge to share my financial wins and encourage others to do the same, here's what went down today... 1.) I Spent More Money - now, I know that may not sound like a financial win at first glance but allow me to explain. The money spent was on products that I have sourced for my reselling business, so although the money is spent today, I consider it more of an investment as I plan to sell the products I...Read More...
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Earn well with little Money?

Greetings, I have spent a few thousand but the Stocks go up and then with time way down; what am I doing Wrong? Can you perhaps suggest the type of Stock to get into for a 69 year old? Thanks, Brady HarnessRead More...

Financial Fitness February: Day 7 (Big WIN)

Moore Income
Hard to believe a whole week of this month has already past! Time really does fly by when your having fun! Let's get into this day of finances. 1.) Delivering for Extra Cash Today I decided to focus mostly on doing some grocery and food delivery. The thing I love about all the apps that allow you to do this, is the fact that it gives you so much freedom to work on your own schedule. For example, I worked in the morning but then I needed to go home for a while and get an order ready to ship.Read More...
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Looking For Part-Time Job

Hello I'm new to the site and I'm looking for an opportunity to work from home to earn some extra cash. Or ever an evening /night part time job to supplement my income. Please suggest any links and please don't send anything that I'm required to pay to join a club. I want real legitimate JOBS!! Thanks.Read More...
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Gig Work Taking Property Photos in the US

Luke Tomaszewski
ProxyPics is the perfect side hustle. People in different industries need up to date photos of properties. Kind of like Uber for photos; we let you know when there's a job near you and you get paid to take the photo! Get paid $3.25 for each photo you take, most assignments have more than one photo and some come with short surveys. We have clients that have work all across the country, it’s easy and free to download on Google Play or iOS.Read More...
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Selling My Things

Eber A.
As the New Year Begins, I find myself looking for additional ways to make money. While looking around, I thought about all the stuff I have and figured I could sell some of it. I have no interest in doing a yard sale, mainly because I don't have a yard, but I have heard of people selling their things online. Does anyone have recommendations on the best places to sell your things online? I've heard of OfferUp but since I've never used it I thought I'd ask around here and also ask if there's...Read More...
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