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Earn well with little Money?

Greetings, I have spent a few thousand but the Stocks go up and then with time way down; what am I doing Wrong? Can you perhaps suggest the type of Stock to get into for a 69 year old? Thanks, Brady HarnessRead More...

Financial Fitness February: Day 7 (Big WIN)

Moore Income
Hard to believe a whole week of this month has already past! Time really does fly by when your having fun! Let's get into this day of finances. 1.) Delivering for Extra Cash Today I decided to focus mostly on doing some grocery and food delivery. The thing I love about all the apps that allow you to do this, is the fact that it gives you so much freedom to work on your own schedule. For example, I worked in the morning but then I needed to go home for a while and get an order ready to ship.Read More...
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Looking For Part-Time Job

Hello I'm new to the site and I'm looking for an opportunity to work from home to earn some extra cash. Or ever an evening /night part time job to supplement my income. Please suggest any links and please don't send anything that I'm required to pay to join a club. I want real legitimate JOBS!! Thanks.Read More...
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Gig Work Taking Property Photos in the US

Luke Tomaszewski
ProxyPics is the perfect side hustle. People in different industries need up to date photos of properties. Kind of like Uber for photos; we let you know when there's a job near you and you get paid to take the photo! Get paid $3.25 for each photo you take, most assignments have more than one photo and some come with short surveys. We have clients that have work all across the country, it’s easy and free to download on Google Play or iOS.Read More...
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Selling My Things

Eber A.
As the New Year Begins, I find myself looking for additional ways to make money. While looking around, I thought about all the stuff I have and figured I could sell some of it. I have no interest in doing a yard sale, mainly because I don't have a yard, but I have heard of people selling their things online. Does anyone have recommendations on the best places to sell your things online? I've heard of OfferUp but since I've never used it I thought I'd ask around here and also ask if there's...Read More...
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Being a Match Maker.

Jobelle Collie
I saw the item about earning extra income by using natural talents of being a Match Maker. I’m single. I’ve had no luck on date sights, my age is the flaw. I’m 59, retired. I do ask friends that if they know of anyone, but they come up with nothing. I’d like to hire a Match Maker, but the Pros in this field charge $25,000 USD .Read More...
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I came across this website that is survey based, but the kicker is after the survey they send the amount you made directly after completing the survey. Anyone have any experience or knowledge on this site? I’m hesitant to join. Thank YouRead More...
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Selling handmade jewelry

Amanda F Martin
HELP I make jewelry. I make jewelry with geodes real jams leather braiding metal safety pens little bit everything. I have tremendous debt. I need to know where and how I can sell my jewelry. I tried to let go and offer up and nothing. Amazon and eBay really Don’t do handmade.HELP HELP PLEASERead More...
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2020 Financial Goals

Moore Income
2019 is coming to a close. Hard to believe how quickly this year flew by! With the soon coming of 2020, it's that time of year to start setting some financial goals for the New Year. I have decided this year to share my main financial goals with the community so that I can challenge myself to accomplish them (since more people know about them then just me). It also gives me more accountability with those of you who would be willing to challenge me throughout the year to see how I have...Read More...
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How To Use More Money Affirmations?

Law of attractionss
How To Use More Money Affirmations? Several years ago, I had a mentor who recommended me to start using money affirmations . She suggested that I could radically change my perspective of life by thinking different thoughts. Until that moment, I had not heard about money affirmations or mantras, so I was skeptical. My logical mind simply could not connect by saying a few words and having a transformation of life. But he was willing to try it. You see, I was unhappy. I wanted something...Read More...
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Actual value of possible collectible $1 bills

Hi there, I am new here. I have several $1 bills saved up thinking/hoping they may have more value that their $1 face value. Does anyone know how to find out if what I think is a collectible $1 bill is and/or how to have a realistic worth to be able to potentially sell to a collector (EBay?)? I have many that are, what I think, matching some of the collectors' wants (i.e. low serial #, quad numbers etc...) Any input would be great! i would like to either use or sell as soon as possible!Read More...
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Need to make fast money, legally! Lol

Teresa Myers
Hi everyone! I'm new here so I'm not sure how this works but hopefully I can get some ideas on how to make some fast money the legal way. I'm in need of a place to live ASAP.. currently living in a motel.. and my car needs work and I have to get my suspended license , unsuspended by next month 12-19-19!! Please HELP ME! !IM SO STRESSED OUT 😫😫😭 ANY ADVICE PLEASE!?! ?THANK YOU SO MUCH! 💯❤️😘Read More...
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