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Mya Dangelmaier
Have been out of work due not being able to go in community settings because of illness. Savings dwindling and tired of looking for at home or remote only to find scams or surveys. I do surveys here and there. So any advice on reputable companies. Computer savvy. Data entry customer service. Again any help in a good direction would be womderfulRead More...
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Hello I'm new here but have followed Penny hoarder for a while. I currently work full time right now Monday thru Friday 8-5. I hate it. I've been working these 8-5 type jobs all the time and I'm just tired of it.I've never ever gotten fulfillment from a job away from home. I would love to be able to blog about my hobbies and things I'm passionate about but have no idea where to start. The thought of having to keep up with the whole html crazy website stuff scares me but I'm so tired of this...Read More...
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Averie Messenger
Hello Everyone, I'm seeking advice for scholarships. The few on my college website are few and far between and very specific for applicants (like year, major, and extracurriculars). I'm searching for other avenues to win scholarships online but I need some help locating good websites that are legit. I have an excellent GPA and I can write essays or anything as necessary. Does anyone have any tips? AverieRead More...
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Job Searching: Grit and Prayer

Not real certain where this fits in this community, but in a recent Hoarder e-mail they spoke about Zero Based Budgeting. My wife and I had just returned from our honeymoon as I resumed my position as a bookkeeper for a publishing company. The company wasn't doing well financially and soon several of us were released with a severance check to hold us until we landed on our feet. Not only did I not have the marketable skills necessary to traverse the rough road ahead of me but I also had a...Read More...
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provide the services that you are good at from your home ( work from home )

Hello everyone who is reading this post its really hard to manage incomes this time of the year i am a student myself i am doing my MS in software Engineering and for the past 2 years i have been working part time and full time with individual clients and companies on many projects i am very good at designing stuff and more i design app UI Ux and a lot of more graphics stuff you can see my work here ( ), coming back to the point i believe in working for my...Read More...

How to start a drop ship business?

Hello everyone! I am hoping to find out a legitimate way to start up a drop shipping company. I am completely green at this. It seems the advice I am looking for always ends up requiring an upfront fee (or other hidden costs). Can anyone point me in the right direction without a potential scam? Thanks! :)Read More...

Need advice on working from home

Southern Mimi
Hi everyone, I'm 47 and married to a wonderful man. I have several serious illnesses but my mind if fine. I have tried to work from home before, but it was either a bust. I can write just about anything, and I was an English teacher for 9 years. Does anyone have any legitimate places where I could write, edit, etc. for a fair amount? Thank you for your help.Read More...
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Extra Income

Hello Penny Hoarder Community, What are some of you guys and gals favorite ways to earn extra income? I've tried some passive income avenues such as inbox dollars, nielsen rewards, and Bing rewards. I'm trying to look into some alternatives to these that aren't necessarily passive but better ways to earn more. Please let me know what you all do!Read More...
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What should I do?

I want to work from home. I currently manage a company doing payroll, state reporting, working with a multitude of people, contractors, suppliers, lawyers, bankers, accountants, creating brochures, newsletters, businesscards, at one time. I managed 3 companies for the same owner..I've done it all. My husband does project Estimating. We both work at the same place. It's just me, husband, and owner that work together. I work 2 days, commute 250 miles weekly, and the other days I work at my...Read More...
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