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Cooking and Freezing in Bulk

You've got to watch Becky at Acre Homestead. This young lady is amazing. I had watched her before, but really got hooked this weekend as she prepared 22 Freezer Meals. And here I thought I was doing good when I make two types of freezer meals on the weekends! Don't say I didn't warn you. You will be hooked. She just posted a couple of hours ago that she's surprising her husband with a baby. More...
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The Cost of Renting

Did you know that more than a third of American households are inhabited by renters? For those tenants, navigating the relationship with a landlord can be tricky. But renter's have rights (they vary by state and local jurisdiction). Learn more about general renter's rights , and learn tactics for negotiating lower rent (yes, it's possible!). And be sure to check out the interactive graphic below to see the cost of renting across the U.S. We want to know: How much of your income goes to rent...Read More...
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Is Amazon's Prime Day worth the hype?

Will S.
Amazon's Prime Day is July 12-13. Supposedly, there are some incredible deals to be had. While I've fallen for the hype in the past, I found myself ordering things I didn't really need. I've since canceled my Prime subscription but will likely be browsing for fun in the next couple days. Fingers crossed I can keep my shopping cart empty! What does everyone here think of Prime Day? Will you be buying anything?Read More...
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Benefits of freelancing to earn money

Freelancing is a great way to make extra money during your downtime, and there are many platforms that allow you to advertise your services and find work. Some people choose to work from home, while others have their own offices or cubicle farms in a shared workspace. Freelancers can use their own time, skills, and creativity in order to earn decent money working on what they love with other people. There are many benefits of freelancing, including flexibility, job satisfaction, improved...Read More...
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Best discounts for seniors?

Will S.
While sadly I'm a few years off from being able to score on any senior discounts, I thought I'd share this article from The Penny Hoarder that is stirring a bit of buzz on the internet: 75 of the Best Senior Discounts for Food, Entertainment, Travel and More . I had no idea you could receive discounts on groceries, airfare and even your cell phone bill. Looks like it can all add up to save some serious money, which of course is pretty sweet. Do you take advantage of any of these discounts?Read More...
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Are cheap travel options really worth it?

Joshua Pramis
Hey all! I’m a writer here at The Penny Hoarder and want to take a few minutes to talk about traveling on a budget. Whether it’s been out of necessity or simply my frugal sensibilities, I’ve always looked for the most affordable way to get from point A to point B, even if it came at the expense of my comfort. My thought being: I’d rather have a little extra in my pocket to spend on food and experiences. This all stemmed from my previous life as a New Yorker. Living in one of the most...Read More...
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Carmen Lin
Hello, I was wondering how we could apply for scholarships in this forum. I have been on a search for grants and it has been difficult finding ones that I would quickly receive results from. I'm far from seeing improvement, yet I am attempting to show restraint since I have just submitted numerous and are not anticipating the result. How should I respond while I wait? Should I communicate with them to perceive how they have receive their grants? How might I know when I receive one or not? In...Read More...
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It’s Time for a Pantry Raid!

Janet Keeler
Chicken and egg and beef prices, oh my! Food costs continue to rise for a lot of popular items but we’ve still got to eat, right? I try to maintain a well-stocked pantry (and fridge and freezer), so that I can whip up a meal by buying just a few things to augment. If I have eggs, it’s easy to make a frittata with fresh veggies bought at the last minute, frozen spinach from the freezer and grated Swiss cheese purchased on sale. A jar of red sauce, dried pasta and seasoned bread crumbs already...Read More...
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How to Save a Bit Extra on Car Transport Cost

Daniel Moyanda
Regardless of the reason, if you need to ship your car, it can be a rather confusing experience — especially if you've never shipped a vehicle or have no clue where to start. Auto transport companies usually charge by the mile and there is no standard distance in which they will charge. The total cost of shipping can add up very quickly. There are ways to get a better price and save money with an auto transport company. Here are six tips to get a reasonable price and save money. 1. Get...Read More...
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Buying Generic Over Name Brand

Nicole D.
Who here opts for generic or store-brand products over brand-name items to save money? I know I do. Sometimes the savings are minor, like 20 cents off a can of beans, but other times, I can save over a dollar on an item by not going with the brand-name version. Of course, there are some products I'm picky about, like my moisturizing cream. I buy the Cetaphil brand because I feel like it's the best quality for my skin, even though the store-brand version is always cheaper. What things do you...Read More...
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Finding ways to save money isn’t always intuitive, so I’m curious about everyone’s tips and tricks to save a bit of extra cash. Share your secrets to better financial health, and post a few tips and tricks that you’ve discovered that others may have not stumbled upon. I want to know how you’ve been making life just a bit easier. To start, I’ll say that one of my tips and tricks is to subscribe to GrubHub+ if you are someone who orders out a lot. You get free delivery and the cost is only...Read More...
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The Financial Benefits of Living Your Best Life

I've noticed a theme in our "Save Money" vertical with many of our articles titled like, "How to Save Money Streaming" or, "10 Ways to Life-Hack Your Next Dinner Out". This got me thinking, why are we so focused on finding ways to save on activities that will always have a price tag attached to them when there are plenty of free (dare I say, more enriching ) substitutes? For example, substitute your nightly Netflix binge with a trip to your local library and hunt for a page turner. Benefits:...Read More...
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Tips and tricks to save money

If you have been thinking for a long time that you want to have a savings reserve but you never get it, in the following lines you can find a list of tricks to save money and tips so that you can achieve it. 1. Be careful where you keep your money You may have been in your bank for many years and it is comfortable to continue there, but many banks charge very expensive and sometimes abusive fees and interest. Research and analyze other banks to see if there are better options for saving...Read More...
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senior housing

i want to put my money into a market account or some kind of savings, my problems is i live in a senior complex that goes by your income, i'm afraid to show any money, because i think they can raise my rent. has anyone got any ideas on how to protect and invest??Read More...
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What’s Your Go-To Hack for Household Chores?

Janet Keeler
I don’t know about you, but the space under my kitchen (and bathroom) sink is full of products that I may have used just once. So many things to clean up so many messes, and yet they all seem to be collecting dust. Recently I learned that white vinegar can open clogged drains, baking soda cleans grout and the stains from coffee mugs, and peanut butter banishes the fishy stink from cookware. And I always have white vinegar, baking soda and peanut butter on hand. Why do I need to spend money...Read More...
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Combatting the increase of gas prices

So, gas in my area just hit $3.99 a gallon. I think it increased three times this week alone. What to do? I'm pulling out some of my old tricks. 1) Group errands 2) Drive the speed limit 3) Avoid starts and stops that jerk your speed. See a light is going to change red? Take you foot off the gas early, you'll use less gas and you'll use less brake pad too. 4) Using a gas loyalty program. Saving .05 (sometimes .10) each gallon without paying for a shopping club membership. 5) Setting cruise...Read More...
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Birthday Savings & Freebies

Moore Income
Today marks that time of year when my age mysteriously goes up by another digit. This year the number is 26 😂 That being said, I always try to take advantage of any freebies offered by restaurants in my area. So far I have been able to collect: - A free sub from Firehouse Subs - A free sub from Jersey Mike's - A free coffee from Caribou Coffee - A free coffee from Dunkin - A free treat from Panera Bread - A free 12 oz frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti - A free burrito from Moe's (I also...Read More...
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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Grace Schweizer
Halloween weekend is fast (like, way-too-fast) approaching! A few years ago, I wrote about putting together last-minute Halloween costumes from items I had in my closet. It's become a favorite around here -- in no small part due to the fact that I dress up like a Minion (and yes, there are pictures and and a video). And while I would say my wardrobe is more... colorful? loud? obnoxious? than some, I'm guessing there's at least one idea in here that any closet could replicate with a little...Read More...
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2022 Savings Goals

Moore Income
2022 is just around the corner, and that means that if you start now, you can get a head start on all next years financial goals! With that in mind, I figured I would post this out there so we can all share a savings goal we hope to achieve in the next year. It will be cool to put it here and then come back at the end of next year and see how many of us were able to achieve our goals! They say "You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down." ( source ) My Main...Read More...
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Something I wish I knew before buying my Wedding Dress

Despite having a low-key wedding, I bought my dress at BHLDN. I absolutely love my dress and really enjoyed wearing it on my wedding day but I wish I knew before buying it that a wedding dress is NOT a one-time cost. Let me explain. The dress cost about $850 total. I realize this is cheaper than some places but it was a lot for me! Especially when I was first looking on sites like Lulus. Then you have alterations. I saw this coming but it’s still added stress when you’re already dishing...Read More...
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Cheap Weeknight Dinner Ideas

Tiffany Connors
Hi Penny Hoarders, I'm placing a request here for cheap weeknight meal ideas. By mid-week, I am always exhausted and end up buying takeout (pricy) or resorting to a frozen pizza (gets old fast). And my family has eaten more rotisserie chicken in the past three months than I care to count. I'm not necessarily looking for recipes — just what does you eat that's easy, quick and cheap on a Thursday night? Thanks everyone!Read More...
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