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Save Money

Frequent Flyer Miles

Now that we are retired, we put our utility bill on FFcharge card. We leave this week to visit family in Boise Idaho. I will go there round trip from Spingfield, Mo. for $25.00. Simple steps like really help us to enjoy retirement. We love using our points without buying things we don't need. After all we were always buying gas, electricity, water and sewer. Why not get paid back by paying your bill on time and get a free flight. Shelia W.Read More...
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How do you budget your money?

A close friend recently asked me for advice on budgeting methods. Admittedly, I use a good ol' fashion excel sheet. I found I enjoy tracking my own expenses and the act of writing it down helps keep me accountable. With that said, I realize this may not work for everyone and as my finances grow, there may be other (perhaps better?) alternatives. With that said, do you keep a budget? If so, how do you budget? Are you relying on paper and pen, a budgeting app, or something else? Even if you...Read More...
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meat purchases

we are so fortunate in Mo. to have a price cutter (employee owned) grocery store.When meat gets near the sell by dates the pkgs. they are sold for $5.00 /pkg. when you buy 5 pkgs. we bought salmon, bacon, roast and steaks. Plus, there was an oversupply of frozen chicken breasts that were 69 cents/lb. we bought 2 pkgs. of those. So, we got enough meat for our family of 2 for a month. we even use our discounted meat when we have friends over for a meal. I have even used this type of meat when...Read More...
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Buying Generic Over Name Brand

Nicole D.
Who here opts for generic or store-brand products over brand-name items to save money? I know I do. Sometimes the savings are minor, like 20 cents off a can of beans, but other times, I can save over a dollar on an item by not going with the brand-name version. Of course, there are some products I'm picky about, like my moisturizing cream. I buy the Cetaphil brand because I feel like it's the best quality for my skin, even though the store-brand version is always cheaper. What things do you...Read More...
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Aspiration Bank

Angela Strachan
My experience with Aspiration has not been what I expected after following advise using Penny Hoarder. Yes it's true about the free atms but the cash back is not true. They actually take a small amount of your money every 2-3 days $2.78 & $3.14 for example and it goes towards planting trees. I'm all about saving the planet and I've been reading the Penny Hoarders different blogs since 2014. I actually love it. But this bank be very careful. They will not allow you to close your account...Read More...
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Do You Ever Pick up A Stray Penny?

Lately my husband and I have been finding so much stray change on the ground we decided to place into a separate bowl to see out of curiosity what it would come to at the end of the year. Near the end of 2018 we were out walking our dogs before a big snowstorm and my dog was over by a tree so I walked over there and what looked like a green leaf was actually a $10. Very cool. We started a separate bowl now in 2019. So do you keep that change or throw it and make a wish?😊Read More...
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How to save money at the vet's

I have 3 cats and had to put two down this year (we didn't have 5 at one time, only 3). I used both my regular and emergency vet this year out of necessity, but I will be avoiding my vet as much as possible now, and doing the following things instead: 1. Using a vet tech who comes to our local Petsmart. Literally I spent $10 per kitten for their first two vaccines. It would have cost hundreds of dollars at my vet's office. Check with your local pet store to see if they have mobile clinics,...Read More...
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Charlie App

Clarice Williams
I was reading about the Charlie App. The information states that it assists individuals with saving money by taking out a small amount of money from your account so that you can save and pay off your debts quicker. My issue is linking it to my bank account, but it does state that it's FDIC insured. I was wondering if anyone from the Penny Hoarder Community used this app. If you have I would like to know your experiences and was it beneficial in helping you to reach your goal of getting out...Read More...
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Carmen Lin
Hello, I was wondering how we could apply for scholarships in this forum. I have been on a search for grants and it has been difficult finding ones that I would quickly receive results from. I'm far from seeing improvement, yet I am attempting to show restraint since I have just submitted numerous and are not anticipating the result. How should I respond while I wait? Should I communicate with them to perceive how they have receive their grants? How might I know when I receive one or not? In...Read More...
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No spend challenge

Debi Hoyt
Is anyone doing the no spend challenge? I would like to challenge everyone in the month of January to a no spend challenge with me! I have never tried this and am curious how much money I can actually save in one month if I commit to this. Let’s hold each other accountable!! If you’ve done this before, please give me a little more insight on what you did and how much you saved. This should be interesting!! 😁Read More...
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Credit Karma Savings Account

Leslie Kay
I just signed up for the Credit Karma Savings account that is new. I only have $10 a week being transferred in each Wednesday and I already have $30 saved that I completely forgot about. I have been a terrible saver over the years unless I am saving for a specific goal. Anyone else trying out this new account offering? Any comments or thoughts on the program? Thanks for your time.Read More...
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Solar Energy without the panels

I remember reading about a company who provides green energy via solar or wind without the equipment for either. The Kwh price was very reasonable. If I remember correctly, about $0.017 Kwh. Can someone provide me a link to learn more about this money saving energy alternative? Thanks in advance, MikeRead More...

Tips and tricks to save money

If you have been thinking for a long time that you want to have a savings reserve but you never get it, in the following lines you can find a list of tricks to save money and tips so that you can achieve it. 1. Be careful where you keep your money You may have been in your bank for many years and it is comfortable to continue there, but many banks charge very expensive and sometimes abusive fees and interest. Research and analyze other banks to see if there are better options for saving...Read More...

Is this savings account legit?

Anyone used Yotta Savings before? Saw them on a Youtube video and opened an account, but didn't feel comfortable enough to put in more than $500. Anyone know if they're legit? It's like playing the lottery in that you get a weekly ticket for every $25 deposited and the top prize if $10 million. It just feels like the prizes must come from existing deposits, though they say they're FDIC insured.Read More...
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Aldi is awesome

I went into Aldi today after my bike ride, and I was reminded of why I need to shop there regularly. The prices are amazing, the selection is good, and the store was really clean. I love Publix because of the selection, but the prices are much higher. I will continue to shop at Publix for certain items, but I'm going to make it a point to go to my local Aldi's for everything else. I got this really good Thanksgiving stuffing and cranberry pasta. Does anyone else use Aldi's and like them?Read More...
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Sinking Fund vs. Emergency Fund

Stephanie C
I'm sure I'm somewhat overanalyzing this but bear with me! The concept of a sinking fund is to put in a little bit of money each month into a savings account in anticipation of an irregular expense in the future. If you have a $3,600 expense every year you would divide it by 12 and know that you need to save $300 each month so that you have the money ready when the expense happens. Obviously you'll have multiple expenses fall into this bucket (e.g. Car repairs/tires, clothing, gifts, home...Read More...
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