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Coin Collecting Help

Moore Income
Hey fellow Penny Hoarders. Coin collecting has been something I have been interested in for quite some time now but haven't really known where to get started. I have a few older coins that I have gathered over the years mostly from going through coins but nothing too fancy. I am wondering if there are any serious coin collectors out there who could advise me where I could go to find coins to start a real collection. I have seen coins on eBay and other marketplaces that claim to be unsorted...Read More...
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How do you save money while indulging your pets?

A few months ago, I officially became a “co-pet parent” to a long-haired miniature dachshund. Although his protective nature and territorial ways can lead to a lot of barking (sometimes I’m sure he barks simply when the wind blows), overall, he’s very well-behaved. It’s hard to resist the temptation to spoil him. Whenever I’m at the grocery store or stopping by the pet store for necessities, I can’t help but wander down the toy aisle to see what small treat I can buy for him. Usually I stop...Read More...
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How Do You Beat the High Cost of Spices?

Janet Keeler
Hello fellow cooks and cook wannabes! My name is Janet and I am a senior editor here at The Penny Hoarder. For a long time before I came to The Penny Hoarder I was a newspaper food editor, which means I cooked and baked a lot for stories and photos. I still do a lot of cooking but, wow, the cost of spices keeps me from making some recipes. I don’t know about you but I get sticker shock when I look at the prices in the spice aisle. A small container of poppy seeds for $4 or more. Almost that...Read More...
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The Cost of Renting

Did you know that more than a third of American households are inhabited by renters? For those tenants, navigating the relationship with a landlord can be tricky. But renter's have rights (they vary by state and local jurisdiction). Learn more about general renter's rights , and learn tactics for negotiating lower rent (yes, it's possible!). And be sure to check out the interactive graphic below to see the cost of renting across the U.S. We want to know: How much of your income goes to rent...Read More...
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10 Best Financial Tips for 2021

Gentleman Money
1. Investing is more important than saving. 2. Don’t work for the sake of money. Concentrate on maki n g your money work for you. 3. Transform your active/working income into passive income. Passive income is income derived from your own assets. 4. Instead of saying, “I can’t afford it,” say, “How can I afford it?” 5. Never make a purchase on credit. You can’t afford it if you can’t pay cash for it. 6. Always keep an emergency fund of at least 5% of your gross income on hand. 7. Pay yourself...Read More...
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It’s been a long 18 months. In that time, our lifestyles have changed, our habits have changed, our needs have changed, our bodies have changed and our budgets have changed. Thankfully, my shopaholic days are behind me, but I do still enjoy playing around with my personal style and putting together outfits that make me feel like my best self. It’s a form of expression I value, so I budget for it. I’m still working remotely, so I don’t yet need to revamp my work wardrobe, but I am tired of...Read More...
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What is the best Website for coupons and deals?

Alen Morgan
MySavingHub is your budget friendly partner in trying times of cutting up expenses and having the opportunity to live a wonderful life. From honest product reviews to amazing discount offers we offer you a full flash saving service which is light on your pocket and easy to use. With no hidden charges and no lengthy process, get all the amazing discounts and deals by redeeming our coupons for whatever service you need.Read More...

How Far in Advance Do You Plan for Big Expenses?

Nicole D.
So it’s still summer, but I’m already thinking about Christmas presents. More specifically, I’m thinking about what I’ll be getting my daughter, nephews and other family members and pricing out things. I want to be able to spread the costs over a few months rather than stressing over a bunch of last-minute purchases in December. I’m also thinking ahead to next summer. I’m putting all my monthly child tax credit payments into a savings account to use for summer camp 2022. That said, I know...Read More...
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How to find Online Coupon and Promo Codes

ashley richie
Utilizing coupon codes for discounts when shopping online is the easiest way to save money. Deal websites and browser extensions help you find the right codes, but finding them is not always easy. Getting discounts isn't easy since many e-commerce sites do not want us to find them, so having someone by your side is crucial. By staying on top of your game, earning a discount can be as simple as clicking the mouse. Take a Look at These Coupon Sites You can find deals and discount codes across...Read More...
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Quicken Starter Alternative

I started out using Microsoft Money for free way back when, but of course, Microsoft discontinued support about 10 or 15 years ago forcing me to switch to Quicken. All was well until a few years ago when Quicken became its own entity and started charging annual fees to use their products. It's now $3 plus per month, depending on the version used. Does anyone have a suggestion for another software program similar to Quicken that isn't as costly? Thanks for any suggestions.Read More...
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Restaurant meals

A friend keeps her weight down by ordering a meal at a restaurant and a 2 go box at the same time...When she gets a meal, 1/2 of the meal and puts it in the 2 go box. She does eat it later. We get a lot of buy 1 get 1 free coupons. We split 1 meal and always buy 2 drinks. We take our free meal home and split it again between the 2 of us. At home we have a home made dessert to go with the meal. If you agree with me, do give the server a decent tip. Yes we will save money on food, but we do...Read More...
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Is it better to have several companies compete for your business or should I just go to Home Depot or Lowes and order system and have a recommended contractor install the water system to save money. Which one is best for Seniors that cant be carrying heavy bags of salt? Thank you for your feedback.Read More...
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Frequent Flyer Miles

Now that we are retired, we put our utility bill on FFcharge card. We leave this week to visit family in Boise Idaho. I will go there round trip from Spingfield, Mo. for $25.00. Simple steps like really help us to enjoy retirement. We love using our points without buying things we don't need. After all we were always buying gas, electricity, water and sewer. Why not get paid back by paying your bill on time and get a free flight. Shelia W.Read More...
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How do you budget your money?

A close friend recently asked me for advice on budgeting methods. Admittedly, I use a good ol' fashion excel sheet. I found I enjoy tracking my own expenses and the act of writing it down helps keep me accountable. With that said, I realize this may not work for everyone and as my finances grow, there may be other (perhaps better?) alternatives. With that said, do you keep a budget? If so, how do you budget? Are you relying on paper and pen, a budgeting app, or something else? Even if you...Read More...
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meat purchases

we are so fortunate in Mo. to have a price cutter (employee owned) grocery store.When meat gets near the sell by dates the pkgs. they are sold for $5.00 /pkg. when you buy 5 pkgs. we bought salmon, bacon, roast and steaks. Plus, there was an oversupply of frozen chicken breasts that were 69 cents/lb. we bought 2 pkgs. of those. So, we got enough meat for our family of 2 for a month. we even use our discounted meat when we have friends over for a meal. I have even used this type of meat when...Read More...
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Aspiration Bank

Angela Strachan
My experience with Aspiration has not been what I expected after following advise using Penny Hoarder. Yes it's true about the free atms but the cash back is not true. They actually take a small amount of your money every 2-3 days $2.78 & $3.14 for example and it goes towards planting trees. I'm all about saving the planet and I've been reading the Penny Hoarders different blogs since 2014. I actually love it. But this bank be very careful. They will not allow you to close your account...Read More...
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Do You Ever Pick up A Stray Penny?

Lately my husband and I have been finding so much stray change on the ground we decided to place into a separate bowl to see out of curiosity what it would come to at the end of the year. Near the end of 2018 we were out walking our dogs before a big snowstorm and my dog was over by a tree so I walked over there and what looked like a green leaf was actually a $10. Very cool. We started a separate bowl now in 2019. So do you keep that change or throw it and make a wish?😊Read More...
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How to save money at the vet's

I have 3 cats and had to put two down this year (we didn't have 5 at one time, only 3). I used both my regular and emergency vet this year out of necessity, but I will be avoiding my vet as much as possible now, and doing the following things instead: 1. Using a vet tech who comes to our local Petsmart. Literally I spent $10 per kitten for their first two vaccines. It would have cost hundreds of dollars at my vet's office. Check with your local pet store to see if they have mobile clinics,...Read More...
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Charlie App

Clarice Williams
I was reading about the Charlie App. The information states that it assists individuals with saving money by taking out a small amount of money from your account so that you can save and pay off your debts quicker. My issue is linking it to my bank account, but it does state that it's FDIC insured. I was wondering if anyone from the Penny Hoarder Community used this app. If you have I would like to know your experiences and was it beneficial in helping you to reach your goal of getting out...Read More...
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