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No spend challenge

Debi Hoyt
Is anyone doing the no spend challenge? I would like to challenge everyone in the month of January to a no spend challenge with me! I have never tried this and am curious how much money I can actually save in one month if I commit to this. Let’s hold each other accountable!! If you’ve done this before, please give me a little more insight on what you did and how much you saved. This should be interesting!! 😁Read More...
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Credit Karma Savings Account

Leslie Kay
I just signed up for the Credit Karma Savings account that is new. I only have $10 a week being transferred in each Wednesday and I already have $30 saved that I completely forgot about. I have been a terrible saver over the years unless I am saving for a specific goal. Anyone else trying out this new account offering? Any comments or thoughts on the program? Thanks for your time.Read More...
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Solar Energy without the panels

I remember reading about a company who provides green energy via solar or wind without the equipment for either. The Kwh price was very reasonable. If I remember correctly, about $0.017 Kwh. Can someone provide me a link to learn more about this money saving energy alternative? Thanks in advance, MikeRead More...

Is this savings account legit?

Anyone used Yotta Savings before? Saw them on a Youtube video and opened an account, but didn't feel comfortable enough to put in more than $500. Anyone know if they're legit? It's like playing the lottery in that you get a weekly ticket for every $25 deposited and the top prize if $10 million. It just feels like the prizes must come from existing deposits, though they say they're FDIC insured.Read More...
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Aldi is awesome

I went into Aldi today after my bike ride, and I was reminded of why I need to shop there regularly. The prices are amazing, the selection is good, and the store was really clean. I love Publix because of the selection, but the prices are much higher. I will continue to shop at Publix for certain items, but I'm going to make it a point to go to my local Aldi's for everything else. I got this really good Thanksgiving stuffing and cranberry pasta. Does anyone else use Aldi's and like them?Read More...
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Sinking Fund vs. Emergency Fund

Stephanie C
I'm sure I'm somewhat overanalyzing this but bear with me! The concept of a sinking fund is to put in a little bit of money each month into a savings account in anticipation of an irregular expense in the future. If you have a $3,600 expense every year you would divide it by 12 and know that you need to save $300 each month so that you have the money ready when the expense happens. Obviously you'll have multiple expenses fall into this bucket (e.g. Car repairs/tires, clothing, gifts, home...Read More...
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Types of FHA Refinance Loans

edi mulyana
Are you currently considering refinancing your home? Maybe you have heard how interest rates are a 5 year lows or that FHA refinance loans and their updated programs have become wildly popular. Lucky for you, both of those things are true making for an excellent refinance opportunity. And it is no more difficult to apply for an FHA Loan than it is for a Conventional Mortgage. Before you decide to refinance, you should know the basic requirements for FHA Mortgages. To be eligible for FHA...Read More...

Halloween Costume

Hello! I was on the hunt of budget friendly costume that won’t scare my wallet and I tried to find some online stores with reasonable prices and quality fabric. So I found five stores where I saw prices are low as compare to other stores. All these stores mentioned below are best stores for Halloween shopping. Halloween Costume Spirit Halloween World Costume Supercenter PureCostumes Party city If you want to make your Halloween more budgets friendly then you can use Halloween Coupons for...Read More...
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Prime Day 2020 - The Good & Bad

A Penny Pincher's Guide
While Prime Day can be a great way to save on something you've wanted for a while, it can also be really easy to buy stuff just because it's on "sale". Make a list of what you've wanted to buy, if it's on sale and within your budget, take advantage of it. However, if it's not, then don't buy it! Remember the best way to save money is to not spend it in the first place.Read More...
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Mental hacks to help you save money?

Caitlin Constantine
Hi everyone! I was just editing a piece of content about using direct deposit to boost your savings, and it caused me to wonder what tricks and mental hacks you all use to help you save money or cut back on spending. I have two that I use: 1. I hack my reward system. This is something I picked up from the Calm app (which I am obsessed with and use every day!) The idea is to make your brain's reward system to work for you by refocusing yourself on what will really bring you some lasting...Read More...
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Joni Lindros
Best book- Idiots getting Rich-very basic, very clear. Best advice. Pay yourself first. Try to put away 10% of what you bring in- if you can't do that put $50.00 away every pay period. You would be amazed at how fast it grows. Forget it is there!!!!Read More...
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Response to Affordable Academic Help during Upcoming School Year

Whenever I read articles like the one by Nicole Dow today about Affordable Academic Help, I’m always perplexed that public libraries are not included. I get that public libraries are different sizes and have different offerings and there’s not a single link to provide. But that shouldn’t stop The Penny Hoarder staff from recommending that people visit their local libraries website to see what’s available. Many libraries offer homework help, study guides, writing help, world language...Read More...
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Confessions of a Shopaholic

If you, like Madonna, are a material girl and find yourself having visceral reactions to a store-wide sale notification landing in your inbox, this one's for you. I love clothes. And jewelry. And shoes. And bags. I think a lot of guys and gals out there do. While I know I am not alone, and feel no shame surrounding my constant impulse to shop (or my "shopping is my cardio" tank top) there comes a time in every adult's life when other things start to garner more financial prudence over...Read More...
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How *I* Shop For Free

A few years back, I found a library book where the title, "How To Shop For Free" caught my eye. My initial reaction was "the lengths some people go to in order to sell books" but in my frugal world, free is not a four-letter word. What did I have to lose? “Wow… just Wow” would be a very good recap on the impact that Kathy Spencer'’s book had on me by the end of the 226-page quick read manuscript. I was so impressed that I immediately joined the web site that...Read More...
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Emergency funds & COVID-19

If nothing else, COVID-19 has shown the importance of having an emergency fund. How many of us really have 3-6 months of living expenses saved? How many consider their credit card to be a kind of emergency fund? I'm a semi-devotee of Dave Ramsey, and if anyone is familiar with him, he advocates paying off debt aggressively, laying out steps to achieve, and having a fully stocked emergency fund. How many of you have a fully stocked emergency fund? How do you fill in the gaps - do any of you...Read More...
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