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Looking For Cell Phone Plans

I am currently looking for cell phone plans options. To begin with, I currently have a cell phone, (not a smart phone). I have it for while I am driving, for emergencies or if something comes up and I need to make a call. I am the type of person who does not like phones or texting and only have them for emergencies. The cell doesn't work at home, so the bare minimum landline is still needed. I currently have ATT Pay as You Go and it is $100/year, (10¢/minute). With my not using the phone...Read More...
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Off the road and home

Shannon H
I've been working away from home for a little over 12 weeks....hotel living was somewhat nice as someone else did the cleaning. I was home for Christmas and weekends but really didn't have much home life...finding my routine again has become a struggle.... I spent too much on frozen foods or convenience snacks for hubby which has not been great for budget or saving money...... Trying to get back into my weekly meal planning and seem stuck in food rut... make chili on Saturday and have plans...Read More...
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Maybe Obvious, Maybe Not

Jenny Waldensi
I haven't seen this addressed, so maybe when you read this you'll think "No brainer," or maybe you'll think "Ah! Another way to save money!" At that, I'll take the risk and pass it on. Here in Missouri, the State offers 2 nature magazines free of charge for any MO resident. (There is a fee for those out of state.) Missouri Conservationist (adult readers) and Xplor Adventures in Nature (for children) are colorful, glossy magazines that inform and entertain. They are great for Home-School...Read More...
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Financial Fitness February: Day 2

Moore Income
It's day 2 of my Financial Fitness February challenge so here are the things that took place that had an impact on my finances: 1.) Returned an item I really didn't need on Amazon - I had purchased a Bluetooth speaker, and although it was nice, I realized I really didn't need it and I can make better use of the money. Since it was still within the return period, I went ahead and sent it back to Amazon. That put $32.24 back in my pocket. Also, since I chose to drop it off at Kohl's which was...Read More...
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try this

Wayne Jandula
Buy what you need not what you want. Once a month treat yourself. 99ct store works great. Secondly......learn to say NO. Borrow me 20.......NO. Can i borrow your car........NO. Can you help me with this..............NO. Can i borrow your lawn mower.....NO etc. Try it for a month. You will see how much easier your life becomes. It's not that hard. If people get upset with your new life style it doesn't say much about them.Read More...
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Help me out here. Theater or no theater?

I have gotten pretty good at saving money. It’s a long shot but I am trying to save for my eldest son’s college. But there is a once-in-a-lifetime show happening in a theatre near to where I live. Its Edith Nesbit’s Railway Children , something that both my kids and I would love to see. Although I’m pretty sure that I can make up for the money I would spend here (more freelance work for me), a part of me is worried that this would open the floodgates and I wouldn’t stop spending afterward.Read More...
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Cable TV, Internet & selling wardrobe.

Jobelle Collie
I’m looking through my budget for things I can cut out. I have a major event in December, 2020. I need to keep internet service because of house alarms, laptops and devices. I bought a ROKU device and I find I only watch my Hulu, Netflix and Youtube. I know where to find news and critical weather news online or on my ipad or iPhone. $160/mo is what I’m paying now. Can I get internet and a tiny TV package cheaper? This sounds obvious, but I’m I dizzy blonde. lol I’m also stopping my YMCA at...Read More...
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As a senior citizen, I been through the gadget-buying stage of life many years ago and now just appreciate sticking to the basics to accomplish most jobs. The gadgets are stuck in a closet or long-ago donated. That said, I've got some gadgets that do pay for themselves (in either time or money or both) and I'm very happy with: saver vacuum system 2. slow cooker dehydrator 4. computer 5. pressure washer Would you share some of your gadgets that you feel save you time or money...Read More...
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$4000 trip to Hawaii for $1500

Elon Must Save
Ok, everyone, I know the subject line might sound unrealistic but it's true. Also just a heads up this might not work for everyone but it did for me and my wife. October of 2018 we went on a trip to Maui Hawaii for $1500 total for 2 people. Here is how we did it. The Flights I saved up airline vouches by taking the later flight. I used to work for a company that had to fly me around twice a year. I needed to be at my office the next morning but they would always put me on the 5:00 pm flights...Read More...
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My Money Saving Gadget

Frustration with the price of a new Verizon Smart Phone to replace my old faltering phone led me back to TracFone, the provider of my old emergency flip phone. TracFone was running a special on a Samsung Crow J7 with a larger screen then my previous phone for less then $100.00! This beats the $1000.00 and up I was quoted by Verizon. TracFone also beat the $150.00/monthly bill that would have gone to $200.00/month with a new phone purchase via Verizon. Credit on the new phone was also given...Read More...

Financial Fitness February: Day 4 (And a Money Saving Tip)

Moore Income
Day 4 of February wasn't too crazy for me, here's what went down financially: 1.) More "Investments" In Items to Resell - I am trying to make a point to get around to all the major retailers in my area since getting back to Fargo. I am trying to get a good amount of inventory as I work towards making reselling my biggest source of income in 2020. Now is actually a great time to be doing this I have found as most stores are running winter clearance trying to get rid of all the left over...Read More...
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Extreme Couponing Tips to Add More Money Into Your Wallet

We should cut back on our spending habits as the world's economy is increasing at a fast pace. If we don't save today, then we can't build a financially stable future. And saving means creating a strict budget and spending the bare minimum strategically until your debts are satisfied. One excellent way to maximize savings is to follow the tradition of using coupons while shopping. Coupons are one of the most authentic money savers that warrant savings. But how can you use them strategically...Read More...
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Best penny pinching app

Aaron M Hughes
So i dont know if you guys and gals have ever used the app called "digit". It is a little miracle worker. You attach it to your bank account and it learns your spending habits. Then every day it will take a small portion out. You can set the limit. Its 2.99$ a month but trust me it is worth it. You can create different things you want to save for and name them and it will divide your dividend that it takes into each folder your saving in. I have a "rainy day", "graduation ", and "student...Read More...
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How do you get great deals at Thrift Stores?

“Thrifting is like mountaineering, but instead of getting intriguing views you get some good deals at the end” Many People shop at thrift stores- some out of necessity, while some love it! Either way, Thrift stores provide more appealing options if you are not more in to the latest trends. The best part? You can find something you love, at the ridiculously lowest price tag! Plus, you can save a lot of money like buying an entire bag of clothes for $20. You couldn’t even imagine how much...Read More...
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Auto Ins based on usage

Hi everyone, just this week I heard about Auto Insurance based on actual usage. I'm newly Disabled so reorienting some areas of spending. It doesn't make sense to pay so much when hardly driving at all. Before inventing the wheel, I thought asking here might yield results for all of us. Is this really a thing? It's Its certainly not common knowledge yet, if so. Are there legitimate companies/ comparisons? Thanks!!Read More...
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Suggestions for Automated Savings?

I've read through this article a bunch of times now, and I still just don't know. I've tried Acorns and honestly never saw much benefit with the small bits of savings I was able to put in the account. I like the idea of Digit but I'm worried a little about how it works. (Like does it offer protection to not overdraw?) Investing seems a little outside of my scope for now. I love the idea of setting goals for the savings, like for an emergency fund or vacation. I recently opened an Ally...Read More...
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