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Save Money

Sаvе Money оn a Budget

Think оf аll the unnесеѕѕаrу іtеmѕ уоu ѕреnd mоnеу оn that you саn еіthеr dо wіthоut оr fіnd аnоthеr less еxреnѕіvе wау tо hаvе them. The роѕt іѕ dеdісаtеd tо ѕаvіng mоnеу a few dollars аt a time. It wіll аdd uр оvеr tіmе. Bеlоw are tірѕ оn hоw tо save mоnеу. 1.Take 10% оf еvеrу раусhесk Put іt away bеfоrе you ѕреnd money оn аnуthіng - еvеn bіllѕ. It'ѕ thе pay yourself first thеоrу. I lіkе tо рut іt in a jar rather thаn іn the bаnk. I dоn't wаnt to lose any mоnеу to bаnk fees. If 10% іѕ tоо...Read More...

saving money at the salvage stores

it is the end of the month and the bargains were abundant, 4 lb. bags of granulated sugar were 80 cents, tomato sauce was 10 cents a 15 oz. tube. we were shocked at the bargains. prices like this allowed us to take a dinner meal of veg. beef stew, corn bread and brownies and hello dolly bars. the wife/mom of this family will not be returning home. nearly all the ingredients were bought salvage including a $5.00 beef roast. we thank God daily for bringing these bargains our way . good...Read More...
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Hi ! I adore all of God's creatures but caring properly (shots, annual exams, Heartworm, Tick/Flea Prevention costs Hundreds! of $'s a year and I know a-lot of folks everywhere but esp. in senior housing where I live simply can't afford to do all their babies need, therefore they "give-up" their beloved pet and are miserable, and often the animal is "put down" for no reason except lack of funds, But ,WAIT! Before you do anything drastic ** Check out places in your area that provide care...Read More...
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groceries from a salvage store

my husband and i just returned from our local salvage grocery store. we love buying pepperidge farms oatmeal bread and HB buns for 0.99 cents and their shortbread cookies 3 bags for $1.00. we also got frozen ground beef for $3.18 a lb.our local store sells more than food. we never know what will be there but i love my new silver sequined sandals for $3.99. if you do not have such a store in your town, check the next town or 2 over. There was a car from Arkansas in the parking lot and 2 amish...Read More...
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I'm curious if anyone has been successful in getting a refund for summer travel? It seems more and more people are having to change summer vacation plans due to COVID. Curious to know what steps folks took to get their money back. If you were successful in getting a refund (not just a travel credit), how did you go about that?Read More...
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AMAZON PRIME Everyone can get it

lori wulff
Hello fellow Penny Hoarders 😀 I have found out some great news. Amazon Prime membership is available for people on a small budget also. If you receive Snap benefits "aka" food stamps you can qualify for a big discount toward membership. Low income folks can pay as little as $5-6 per month for a prime membership. Hope this information helps someone out there.Read More...
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Washing Your Hands? Wash Your Face Too.

Here's a formula for washing your face, especially your eyes - which the experts tell us are portals for the corona virus: one part Johnson's Baby Shampoo and four parts distilled or filtered water. After I wash my hands per the medical advice, I take a small amount of the diluted shampoo in the cup of my hand, close my eyes and wash my face thoroughly, making sure I do a good job on my eyes. It won't sting!. It's a good shampoo also. Gets my hair squeaky clean and I don't need a conditioner.Read More...
How much do you all think is a REASONABLE amount to have saved? I'm not talking retirement, I mean $ that you have set aside for emergencies, etc. I know that the experts say that we should have 3 months worth. I find that the majority of people I work with want to have $500 or $1000. I'm always trying to get them to raise that number, but realistically, how much do you shoot to keep in savings??Read More...
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Saving at the Grocery Store

Rosemary McKinley
I am a firm believer in eating well and saving money. These are not mutually exclusive. I buy vegetables at the near-expired section in the produce department and cook them the same day in vegetable soup. Carrots, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and red peppers all taste delicious in soups. I use an immersive blender with a potato for thickness. This serves as my lunch almost every day. A great way to add vegetables to my diet and save money, too.Read More...
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How Do You Effectively Save Money On A Consistent Basis?

Moore Income
Learning to save is an important part of ones financial journey towards a better financial future. That being said, if we don't make it a priority, it can be very easy to end up with nothing left over to save if not careful. I am curious to know some ways my fellow Penny Hoarders use to save money on a consistent basis. For me personally, I have found that saving multiple small increments of money on a weekly basis adds up over time. For example, I have one savings account that takes $5 a...Read More...
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Visible -- major cell service savings, great network

Hey all -- I recently switched to Visible and am LOVING it! I cut our family cell bills (2 lines) to $70 a month -- was paying over $140 a month with Verizon. They have a reliable network (they operate on the Verizon network) and they offer great customer service. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Do not overpay for cell service.Read More...
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Buying a new or 2019/2018 vehicle

Brenda McEntire
My husband and I are trying to find the best way to buy a new or preferably fairly new vehicle. We are used to our Olds. Silhouette, however they don't make them anymore. Does anyone know the best way to find the now hard to find minivan at the very best price? We don't want an SUV, to small. Need something with room for normal size people and luggage. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.Read More...

How much every person need to spend on Health?

Hello Guys! Recently I was searching for that how much globally spend on healthcare and I've found that $7,068 per person is healthcare expenditure yearly. But In case of COVID-19 we are spending more on health accessories like sanitizers, masks. gloves etc. But what you think we need to spend more or we should spend to boost our immune system?Read More...
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How I save money on pest control

Elon Must Save
Pest control can be so expensive. I have seen prices from $99 to $130 for quarterly treatments. Bugs are annoying but that is a high cost to get rid of them. I recently found and started using a more affordable option. The company is called and it's so much more affordable and so far its worked great. Hope this helps!Read More...
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Baking bread

Colleen Sikosek
I'm in Hornell, NY in the Southern Tier. My husband and I are making our own bread as usual, which I think is pretty easy even if you don't have yeast. Google sourdough bread starter and you're on your way. We're fortunate that he's able to work remotely. I got onto the Wufoo site and sent a template to our local small business collaborative group so anyone can purchase a gift card on line. We live in a rural agricultural community and hope this will help.Read More...
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lori wulff
I am always being THRIFTY no matter what. I look for a deal on anything that costs $$. Allot of people think shopping at thrift stores, clearance racks, and being at Walmart for instance is always getting cheap *** stuff. For example of my thrifty self 😀, I like name brand products. Toilet paper like Scotts 1000 sheet rolls is a great value and can be cheap on the wallet. Every 2 weeks or so CVS puts Scotts products on sale. You can get 12/ 1000 sheet rolls for $7.49 verses $15+. That's one...Read More...
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Looking For Cell Phone Plans

I am currently looking for cell phone plans options. To begin with, I currently have a cell phone, (not a smart phone). I have it for while I am driving, for emergencies or if something comes up and I need to make a call. I am the type of person who does not like phones or texting and only have them for emergencies. The cell doesn't work at home, so the bare minimum landline is still needed. I currently have ATT Pay as You Go and it is $100/year, (10¢/minute). With my not using the phone...Read More...
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