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Travel Tips, anyone have any to share?

Valerie Magorrian
Hello, I LOVE the fact that you can do quizzes on under their rewards for good and earn rewards while also learning some pretty valuable tips. There is no cost and no age limit in oder to sign up and you trade points for discounted gifts cards, etc. For example, you can purchase a Carnival Cruise Line $100 gift card for $90. By the time you buy enough to pay for a cruise, you have really added up some savings. My question is, does anyone know of any sites that do something similar...Read More...
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Extra Job

Okay, I am wanting to get serious about saving an emergency fund, and I am about to start a part time job. I have three total income sources now. My main job, child support, and now what I will bring home from the new part time gig. My biggest issue is which one do I actually start my savings habit with? I just want to start somewhere, and be committed to a goal maybe start with $250, and hopefully work my way up to $1,000. If anyone has any ideas, or suggestions. I would appreciate it.Read More...
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Saving Money on a very fixed income

Linda Woodcock
Hi Everyone: I just joined this community. I am in need of putting some money away for mostly medical copays and other expenses. I am on disability and work a part time job that I enjoy but the pay is not enough to meet my monthly bills or copays. I am 63 and full of life and I also would like to enjoy my life by going on a small mini vacation sometime, but I am not able to. What are some tips that you can share with me on how to save... I already am in my pt jobs 401K however my income is...Read More...
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The Power of Saving Money || Where to save

Antonio Bonton
Hello Penny Hoarders, I've been reading on the different types of savings account available and wanted to take a moment to say what I personally think is the best option because there is so much information out there! I believe that the best vehicle for saving money is an Online (high yield) Savings Account. These accounts offer anything at/above 2%. Personally, I use Marcus by Goldman Sachs which offers 2.15% but Wealth front also has a very good savings account which offers 2.5% The best...Read More...
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Summer is in full swing! For those of us up North, it is definitely the most beautiful time of the year as we forget those frigid memories of negative 30 degree weather with windchill. That being said, living in an apartment, the heat is paid but the AC is electric. It is currently 78 degrees here in Fargo, and rather than running the AC, I have opened the windows. While it still feels a bit warm, it is not bad and I am happy to do it to save some money on electric. Just curious to know: How...Read More...
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What to buy (and not buy) from Fourth of July Sales 2019

It is the Red, White, and blue season. From a girl’s nail paint to the sales rack, you will see star-spangled things everywhere. Fourth of July comes to boost the patriotic spirits in every American. From fireworks, parades, festivities to a BBQ bash at the backyard, desserts, and mocktails, you will see the colors of freedom all around. To sparkle the patriotic holiday celebrations, retailers offer colossal deals. But do not get crazy over the exciting deals and make an impulsive buying...Read More...
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Always buy used when possible

Ken Lyons
I've learned (through hard lessons) to always negotiate on prices of things and always buy used when possible. For example, if my family needs a new sofa, we have visited a local furniture store and written down the brand and style of what we like. Then, we search through Craigslist or Marketplace on FB for that item. Almost always, I've found what we wanted used, often fairly new and in great condition. It has saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars on everything from furniture to...Read More...
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Over Couponing

A few months ago i got into using the Dollar General and Family Dollar apps for their digital coupons. The main items that i seek are household items such as laundry detergent and fabric softener. I would only buy the items if they were less than $3 after using the coupons. I thought this was a good idea to load up while i can get them for cheaper than their regular non-sale price. Is it a good idea to load up certain household items for a cheap price even though you may not necessarily need...Read More...
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Track extras!

Tracey Lalena Tabers
I had no idea how much money I was wasting until I dove deep into my monthly bank statements. App purchases and even small monthly services were adding up. Keep a running list next to your computer and write down the continual monthly and once a year expenses. Signed up for a free trial? They will charge you without asking after the trial is up. Keep track, people!Read More...
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Savings tips I implemented while traveling

As most of you know, I just returned from my first overseas trip after being away for two weeks - which means I had to budget for TWO WEEKS of travel. WOW. How was I going to make sure I didn't run out of money on my trip but also have enough money when I returned to pay my rent? I knew I still wanted to do things, but I also wanted to make sure I saved money in the process. Here are a few ways I saved money: * Look for FREE guided tours This was the coolest thing I experienced in London. I...Read More...
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Saving on Hair Salon services

Hi, I moved to Southern IN, 7 yrs ago and was interested in saving money on my hair services. I looked online for cosmetology schools in my area and found 1 that was 10 minutes away! This is a school where students learn about all types of the hair care process, manicures, pedicures, brow waxing, facials, and many more services. They are under staff supervision at all times, are friendly, outgoing and eager to learn. They offer these services to the public at a discounted rate and so I made...Read More...
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Moore Income
Do you have a separate savings fund for travel? My wife and I both love to travel and so we try to make it a priority to save for such expenses. Even if "traveling" means just going on a day long road trip as we did over the weekend to see some nature and enjoy the spring weather. We have a box in our living room where we add bills from time to time. It says "Adventure Awaits" on the box and is a great reminder that saving for such things is worth it. It may only be a little bit here and...Read More...
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Cutting the Cord

I'm looking at possibly ending my cable services in a couple of months when my contract ends. I already have Netflix and also Hulu(free through my subscription with spotify). Have any of you cut the cable cord and what other services have you used to watch your TV/movies? I've heard of Sling, HBO Go, and CBS All Access but i want to make sure i choose the right service combination that cutting the cord would be worth it financially. Thoughts?Read More...
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Keep a bank

Lashuan Beverly
Water jugs from water deliveries can be used for a all coin bill bank. Google lady that bought a motorcycle once she filled hers. Just copper! As you go about your day there’s always penny to be found. Children don’t like them, so you can accumulate. I have had a piggy bank of mostly penny’s going on ten years keep post for count. Aug 20 yrs.Read More...
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How are you saving money this week/month?

Typically on Sundays, I frantically run to the grocery store to do my shopping so I can prep my meals for the week, but this week I remembered I'd purchased extra chicken (for a discount!) the week prior and actually put it in my freezer. So I was able to use that to make all of my lunches for work this week. I also (finally) cancelled my Planet Fitness membership since I use my apartment gym instead. That's $21 a month I'm saving! Small win, but hey, I'll take it! What are some ways (big or...Read More...
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Why Everyone Should Learn How to Cook Asian Food

I'm disabled. In 2017 I started a job at an Asian restaurant, and have managed to build some semblance of a life thanks to that. One of the advantages of working at an Asian restaurant was that I got a free meal with each shift. I soon was eating Asian food every day, even on my days off, and have discovered it's an excellent cuisine for Penny Hoarders. Trying to lose weight? Eat Asian food. Did you know China's obesity rate is only 3 percent? I didn't lose a lot of weight but I did lose...Read More...
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What have you done to save money on your Electricity Bill?

Deon Christie
Although you can place your geyser circuit on a timer to only switch on at a certain time. It doesn't make electrically any sense to me. Because to warm up 150 Liters of water couldn't use much less electricity than just to keep the same water at a constant temperature. Therefore I just wrapped my geyser in a thermal blanket to keep the heat in and not having to warm the water that often. I have also replaced all light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs or LED lamps. LED lamps use very low...Read More...
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