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Saving money on prescriptions

I've learned a few tricks to help save on the high cost of prescription medications if your medication is not covered by insurance or you have not met your deductible. The best way in my area (Florida), is to register at either (which is national USA) or I've not personally used but from input from other people, it works just as well for finding the best prices in your area. Both are discount cards you show at your pharmacy and both sites have apps for...Read More...
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Birthday Parties

Six on a Budget
I'm a stay at home mom of four kids. We live in southern California. We've been debt free for about 9 years. My daughter turned ten this past week, and to kick off her birthday celebrations, we had a couple dozen friends sing happy birthday to her at the park and enjoy piles of donuts (purchased on clearance). Saved money, but her face says it all....she was one happy girl! It was a good reminder to me not to feel pressure to spend amounts of money I don't care to spend in order to have a...Read More...
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Saving Money for a Vacation

Katie Gabriele
What are some of the best ways to save money for a vacation? Or ways to save money on the vacation itself? My fiance and I are planning on going to Florida for our anniversary this summer. We made a tentative budget and are assuming we'll need $1500-2000, with $500 of that being for flights (we'll be staying at a family member's vacation home for free). This isn't too much money, especially for a week vacation, but we'd still like to save as much as possible. Ideas?Read More...
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Are DIY Projects Worth Their Price?

If you have read any of my other posts, you'll already know how much I love Pinterest! Pins that always catch my eye (but I rarely act on) are recipes for DIY laundry detergent, toothpaste, cleaning agents, deodorant, etc. They boast huge savings, but I am not sold. I wouldn't mind devoting an afternoon during the weekend to create my own concoctions and I like the idea of controlling all of the ingredients I put in them. BUT, as we know, not everything on Pinterest works out. How do I know...Read More...
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I just moved. I also sold all of my furniture in hopes of starting fresh in my new space. However, when I began to build up my bookmarks online with pages and pages of couches, rugs, and new bedding I found myself to be faced with a dilemma. Should I splurge on furniture that I love and know will last me a long time, even if it will set me back budget-wise? What happens if I am in the same situation a year or two from now where I have to clean house again before I move? My question to you...Read More...
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But, can my dog come?

I'm a massive dog lover. Seeing those puppy dog eyes when I leave for work in the morning is soul wrenching. So when the weekends roll around, I make it a point to spend as much time as I can with my pup. Sadly, I'm finding it a little difficult to 1. Find places that are dog friendly and 2. Find places that don't charge admission (parks, beaches, fairs and markets). Does anyone have any recommendations or resources to find canine and budget friendly activities?Read More...
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EZ As 1-2-3 Healthier Snack Attacks Cravings & Savings

What are some of your favorite inexpensive snacks? Have you ever noticed that the sale price on name brand potato chips at $2 a bag (8-10 ounces) are 20 to 25 cents an ounce, or $3.20 to $4.00 per pound? Now, hey, I get it... they're pretty darn good... but "betcha can't eat just one" was a Lay's Potato Chip slogan for a long time and a definite truism. I won't get into the nutritional data behind chips nor will I present that the healthier Baked Lays products are not only more expensive but...Read More...
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Skin Care

Every lady and some gentlemen know how expensive skin care products are. For the last several years I have used baking soda as an exfoliating scrub. It is wonderful and gentle on the skin. You can use just on face or all over the body. Similar store scrubs are very pricey and have all types of chemicals added, baking soda scrub is just soda and water, very pure. This is a sure way to save money on skin care.Read More...
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Name Brand v. Store Brand

So, I saw this online and aside from the laughter it evoked, it started a thought process... My family is pretty in tune now after years of my effort, at eating store brand items; however, I would love to substitute more branded items in my household. Does anyone have any tips or hacks in this area? What are some switches you have made at home?Read More...
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Why Penny Hoarder is the Place to Be

Deon Christie
Apart from being one of the most engaging audiences I have had the pleasure to come across. There are several great reasons to be part of the Penny Hoarder, and especially the Penny Hoarder Community. Because with the community they even offer a reward ($25 gift card to a place of your choice) for being member of the month. Now which other community does that? None that I know of. From an exposure point of view and building recognition it is the perfect place to be. Because it is also the...Read More...
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BOGO "deals" - all scams?

I love thinking about the connections between money and psychology, so this deep dive into BOGO deals from The Hustle newsletter was right up my alley: "Studies have shown that consumers will buy two of something when the word ‘free’ is involved, even when they only need one — and the second item often ends up in the trash. If we walk into a store intending to buy one carton of milk, but encounter a BOGO deal and buy 2 cartons, we’ll...Read More...
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Problems smell money

I swear, the universe smells when I have money. Everytime I get the emergency fund to $1000 or income tax returns near, I have to turn around and throw money at cars, appliances, or other unforseen expenses! I keep a tight budget and set aside a little each month towards stuff I know is coming but man, it's hard to pay down debt and keep up with mechanical problems. Any tips for hanging on to savings long enough to make it grow? I'm planning on a yard sale and need to find a new side hustle.Read More...
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Nickel Hoarding

Moore Income
I know, I know, this is The Penny Hoarder. But personally I have taken the concept of penny hoarding up a notch and instead, I hoard nickles! And, by the way, The Penny Hoarder even has a post about Nickle Hoarding here . The post above pretty much sums up the reasons I hoard nickels but I hadn't actually read that post until today when I was doing a little research. I personally like hoarding nickels because it is a great way for me to save money. Nickles are one coin I don't really spend...Read More...
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How I Live On 50% Of My Net Income

Rob Loftus
When I saw the light New Year’s Eve, 2017. Uninspired, broke, living paycheck to paycheck. While trying to celebrate the coming of the new year, in my very first tuxedo, and at a very nice winery, I found myself miserable. Most noteworthy, my amazing mother, who was visiting and I hadn’t seen in years due to living a few thousand miles from one another, is a VERY upbeat and positive ray of sunshine. As a result, she, AND my realization I was failing at ‘adulting’, were my catalyst for...Read More...
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The KonMari method and my financial situation

Caitlin Constantine
Hi! I just watched the Marie Kondo series on Netflix (like apparently half the world did) and it got me started on my second round of KonMari-ing my house. A lot of people have talked about how clearing out the clutter in their houses has helped them feel better emotionally, but one of the things I was surprised to discover was that it actually helped my financial situation too. It really made me become intentional about the things I bought, especially when it came to clothes. Like, if I was...Read More...
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Watts Zappening? (Saving Money On Energy Costs)

Did you know that the average cable or satellite TV box with DVR costs around $8 a month to have on 24/7? Did you know that some makes and models of these boxes use more or less than others? Did you know that many states have deregulated energy costs, allowing consumers to shop for lower per kilowatt hour rates? Did you know that there are simple swaps we can all make to reduce our usage? That's as true with electric as water as natural gas... and some swaps to habits can add up to huge...Read More...
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Giving up cable -- what's the best replacement option?

Alexis Grant
I've heard a lot of people talking about this lately, and I wonder if there's a way for my family to follow suit. I'd love to hear from anyone who has let go of cable for a cheaper alternative -- specifically, the logistics of exactly what you replaced it with and how much it costs / how much you saved. We only watch cable for two things: 1. Nightly news 2. Weekend soccer matches featuring UK teams We pay a crazy amount just to get these weekend soccer matches. We've kept it as a luxury...Read More...
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Save Money on Travel

Moore Income
Almost everyone I know likes to travel, but few people do it much. One of the primary reasons for this is the lack of finances. But if done right and properly planned, there are ways to travel without spending a ton of money. My wife and I have been able to go quite a few places although we don't have a ton of money, we just have to plan well ahead of time. So I figured it would be a good idea to start this thread for people to talk about ways they personally save money on travel and for...Read More...
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How To Fly High With Wi-Fi ... (for less)

I cut $20 a month off my high speed internet costs, one of many routine costs that I lowered from just a fifteen minute telephone call. But, wait... there's more!!! I was also able to boost my speed from 60 mbps to 100 mbps. Can you? Why not find out??? Below to a link to Broadband Now, a search tool that will let you find the available internet service providers in your area. Keep in mind that it's important to consider the speeds along with the pricing so that you are comparing apples to...Read More...
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