Reply to "And the Member of the Month for February is..."

Briana posted:

As most of you know, we introduced a contest last month that recognizes one very active, helpful community member each month. We calculate the winner based upon the most engagement - helpful comments, likes on topics, and an overall friendly face in the community.

For the month of February, we're really excited to recognize this super amazing member - @Moore Income

Jon is a very friendly, helpful face in the community, who is quick to lend advice to other members, as well as share his own experiences - he created a whopping 39 posts and shared 110 comments in February alone! ROCKSTAR! He also started a 28-day financial fitness challenge, which he provided helpful tips, experiences, and motivation for working towards financial goals. Each and every time a member asks a question, Jon is there to make sure they find an answer! 

We're so glad to have you as a member of the community! Congrats! 

Jon will also receive a $25 gift card of his choosing -- we'll be in touch with more info, Jon, so be sure to check your DMs! 

If you didn't win this month, don't be discouraged! We'll be crowning a new winner for March (at the beginning of April) -- the same person will not be qualified to win for another six months after winning. 

More about Jon:
His dream is to impact others and create a better financial future for all!

His current financial goal: Pay off debt (credit card, student loan, etc.) 

Congratualtions @Moore Income. Wishing you much Success and Prosperity for your outstanding work and constant engagement.