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Reply to "Anyone else "bomb" at selling stuff online??"

I am really good at selling things for a profit. I've been doing it all my life.

I used to flip anything I could get my hands on in college and made pretty good money.

So when I started making online income, selling things was my specialty.

I would buy anything irresistible that people were looking to sell and turn a profit. It didn't matter if it was a golf club or an engagement ring, I bought items for dirt-cheap and resold them at a high mark-up and got free money essentially.

Not only did I make a nice return selling used items, but I also had fun in the process.

It didn't take me long before people began coming to me with their unwanted stuff instead of trying to sell them on eBay or Craigslist themselves.

I eventually stumbled across this book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. And it blew my mind wide open.

The idea that you could buy something and sell it for more blew my mind.  I had always felt like it was an illegal activity, but I guess not.

But the idea of buying used items, fixing them up a bit then selling them for a profit went against everything I was ever taught about money.

You see, certain side gigs are only side gigs.  They are never supposed to interfere with your day job or they become a distraction that you'll regret later on. That's why I love flipping items, I can't go all day about them.