Reply to "Anyone pursuing a F.I.R.E. strategy?"

Crystal posted:

My husband and I plan on being in the position to retire in 12 years. I'm currently a SAHM with some side hustles and he's AD military. Here's our plan:

We currently max out our IRAs

He contributes to his TSP

We invest in dividend stocks.

We plan on buying a house every time the government moves us (every 2-3 years) and then renting it out. We currently own 1 rental property and looking to buy another next summer. Unfortunately our currently location and other logistical things (like moving with a 2 week old baby) kept us from buying this move. We make extra payments on our mortgage and plan to have all houses paid off within 5 years of retiring.

My husband will also get a decent military pension when he retires.

We plan on living off his pension, dividends, and rental income. We currently live very frugally and well below our means, so that we can live very well in retirement.

This is a wonderful idea! Way to plot it out! Make sure you’re getting at least a 5% return on your investments to make up for inflation over the years... but other than that- I’d say this is a solid game plan!