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Reply to "Are there any * legitimate * wfh jobs??"

Hi, it depends on your skillsets. If someone's offering $5-8 to write a well-written, well-edited article, then they're severely underpaying for what the skill's worth.

I think for a lot of cases if you want to have more money on online jobs, you need to build up a portfolio so you can have leverage to negotiate a higher paying position.

For online jobs I've found 2 patterns:

1. People that always have unrealistic expectations and aren't willing to pay for skill (like the $5-8 that you speak of). Or

2. The job themselves don't require skills.

I think there are definitely jobs out there that are more higher paying and fit a skillset. If you're writing articles for people, you should definitely be paid more especially if they're good. It might just take a bit more vetting on various websites to find the right opportunity? I've hired on Upwork before and have had longer-term business relationships with contractors (and it's more expensive than other platforms generally), as an example.

On the flip side, there are just cheap jobs that are $3-5/hr and they're priced appropriately because they're meant for overseas remote workers where the position doesn't require any skill. I'd avoid this based on your situation.