Reply to "Being a Match Maker."

Jobelle Collie posted:

I’d like someone who would be interested in being my partner in ballroom dance classes. The singles get matched with others, to learn, but to really master dancing, you have to have a partner who is in sync with you. I studied both Classical Ballet and Kung Fu as a child/teen. Dancing and water sports are how I keep fit. I’m a great cook, went to cooking school at 16. My Grandparents and Patents were old school Bostonians.  

 Now based on what you posted here. I feel you could better benefit from hiring a relationship/life coach which is much lower financially compared to hiring a matchmaker. I’m only saying this and not implying you have financial issues. But more along the lines of gaining certain benefits. 

 Look at it like this. Your ultimate goal is to meet someone your compatible with if I’m understanding you correctly, and that may require hiring a matchmaker to hit your goal.

 But I personally would advise you start with a relationship/life coach that will help you prep and help you find specific partners for specific aspects in your life such as ballroom dancing that you enjoy but want to do it with someone who equally enjoys ball room dancing as much as you do. Instead of being matched up with other singles every time like you expressed. With this aspect in mind your not expecting to find a compatible relationship match. Instead it’s more like live training per say as a coach will help you meet someone new for each types of things that you need another for with various shared interests, and coach you to find specific qualities in people you may not have thought of, but also will teach you things to watch out for that you may have never thought of before either. Regardless it’s all live practice for when the time comes to find that right companion.

 A good coach will layout a strategy or an outline to a game plan. For example; a coach will help your prep ahead of time and assist you in finding another person that enjoys ballroom dancing as much as you do as previously explained. But that’s just the start. Ideally together you and your coach will draft up 1 or more strategies that will happen over a set course of time. A week, a month, sometimes up to a year, or better, and you will base your strategy to work successfully throughout the complete time line. Like your love of ballroom dancing, together with your coach we will find passions, adventures, activities, etc... that require you to have a partner to attend. The life coach differs here then a matchmaker as a matchmaker is focused primarily on finding a compatible person that you can enjoy spending the rest of your life with. A coach in the setup I’m laying out here will only introduce you to people that have the same passion for each specific activity that you love doing or have passion for. Also on each activity that your coach lays out for your strategy will introduce you to a new partner for each activity outlined in your strategy. The coach is only finding like minded partners based around your designated activities. So you’ll meet someone new every single time. Yes this can sound like an odd strategy. But the purpose is to put dating & relationships completely out of your head during each event and allow you to meet new people you never woulda attempted to meet by yourself, and it takes a lot of work which is also a deterrent for most people. 

 With you removing the relationship aspect out of your mind and just enjoying your passions with others that share the same passions you can then allow yourself to be more open and not as quick to judge as each person you meet will not be your life partner. Once you hire a coach this will all be explained in much better detail. This is one of many ideas a good coach will work hand and hand with you throughout and you’ll have a good time enjoying your passions with other like minded individuals. 

 Now with this being said, if I was the coach I would insist on bringing in my private investigator and also allowing me to vet each person along with other strategies I don’t publicly post. So that each partner I place you with didn’t just get outta prison for rape for example. This obviously will increase the costs but a good coach will vet each new partner on various aspects and without you knowing, you just may accidentally find that compatible partner you’ve been seeking to enjoy life with.... 

 There’s a lot of strategies to discuss and find what best suits you. At time a good coach will push you outta your comfort zone but for positive reasons you won’t see right away. If things go right you’ll never have to hire a matchmaker. I could keep on with countless ideas and strategies but I am going to stop this here since it’s public. Once you meet and agree to hiring the right coach for your situation. Your coach will open up a whole new world of options that you can choose from based on your comfort.