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Reply to "Best bank to use?"

I use quite a few banking apps. Chime is my personal favorite in the ones mentioned in the article Briana shared.

I have been using it for my side gigs and business to separate that income from my other income.

I have a more local bank for my other more personal finances.

I have never been interested in banking with US bank. For as long as I have known about them, I just could never see enough benefits in banking with them.

One bank that I have considered using more is CITI. I have a couple of credit cards with them and they have always taken good care of me when it comes to unrecognized charges, etc.

They seem to have decent customer service and have been advertising an over 2% savings account that I have been considering using for some time.

The bank you choose should meet your personal preferences but should also provide you the best return for your money.

I still have not found a savings account that pays me the amount of interest that I would like but Aspiration and Haven Money both pay decent rates from what I have seen.