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Reply to "Best bank to use?"

One of the biggest factors in my opinion is the interest rate they pay for you to keep your money with them.

With all the new banking apps, interest rates are getting pretty competitive so any bank that pays less than 1% is no good in my books but that number is quickly moving to 2%

(Its crazy how much interest they charge to lend their money to other people but then pay so little to use our money for this purpose)

The other big factor that I look at when choosing a bank is FEES.

Little to NO FEES is what you want in 2019.

There are so many options out there that charge very little in fees so when a bank charges a lot of fees, it tells me they are more interested in making money than providing the best customer experience.

For example, my wife opened an account with Bank of The West and she ordered some checks. Since it was going to take a while, they asked if she wanted a few basic checks to be able to use before she got her full order of checks.

Without telling us, they took $5 from her account for those 3 checks they printed.

That to me is ridiculous to charge money for something so simple, especially when you offer it to the customer and make it sound like there is no charge.

That bank quickly went on my naughty list and while my wife still has an account, we don't use them at all and plan to close it in the near future.