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Birthday Savings & Freebies

cake and candles mooreincome penny hoarder post

Today marks that time of year when my age mysteriously goes up by another digit.

This year the number is 26 😂

That being said, I always try to take advantage of any freebies offered by restaurants in my area.

So far I have been able to collect:

- A free sub from Firehouse Subs

- A free sub from Jersey Mike's

- A free coffee from Caribou Coffee

- A free coffee from Dunkin

- A free treat from Panera Bread

- A free 12 oz frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti

- A free burrito from Moe's

(I also normally get a free coffee from Starbucks but this year they didn't send me one. There is also a local Mexican restaurant that gives a free entrée on your birthday but this year I will be skipping that)

Most of these I don't have to use on my birthday but I did have to sign up ahead of time to receive most.


That being said, I am curious, anybody else take advantage of freebies to save some money on your special day? If so what are they? (whether local to your area or available nationwide)


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  • cake and candles mooreincome penny hoarder post
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