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Reply to "Cheap Weeknight Dinner Ideas"

Pot pie crockpot soup

Throw chicken in frozen - do this in the AM before work , amount depends on your crockpot and family size

Bag of frozen mixed veggies, chopped onion (can be frozen)

2 cans chicken broth, water

Chopped onions celery whatever else sounds good at that time

Salt/pepper/garlic to taste

Fill crockpot with water and/or broth after dumping all ingredients in - turn on low go to work 🙂

After work turn to high. When it begins boiling take CHEAP canned biscuits, cut each biscuit into 4 pieces, throw biscuit pieces into boiling soup give it a good stir then cover and let return to boil. Ignore it for 15-20 mins then use your spoon to break them up and stir them into soup again. And there you go that's it all done.