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Reply to "Coin Collecting Help"

Hi @Moore Income

I've been collecting coins for awhile. I just done
it because i new the coins was old or sliver or copper
even coins from the year i was born or a family member.

Well in 2017 our son got me a gallon size zip lock bag
filled with old colds and new coins. There is a 1943
sliver penny and some copper pennies not sure what
else is in there. But i've asked around about them not
many heard of the sliver penny. What i found out so far
is the copper is worth more than the sliver one.

I know that when the dollar coins came out they had
misprints on them like the sides was missing the words.
All so i found out some of the new state quarters my be
worth some thing because of double imprints on them.

I asked a ebay power seller that i've know for years
where i could get info on coins she gave me this
website it has a free trail. I hope I helped out some