Reply to "Deep, Dark Hole - No Hope in Sight"

I'm actively doing what I can to cut out expenses and "stuff".  I'm posting the negatives because those are the things I'm trying to get people's feedback on.  I'm not giving up or just saying I can't do it, I'm just looking for help.  I also started working when I was young (15) and have worked pretty much since.  I've tried to instill my work ethic with my sons as well.

Both of my sons do know what is going on and are concerned.  My oldest just graduated from college in May and hasn't found a job yet.  My youngest broke his foot and is still laid up and unable to work.  His medical bills are part of our issue, although I have worked with the hospitals to get us a reduced fee.  My youngest has applied to a bunch of work at home jobs but nothing has come through yet. 

We don't want to get rid of the cars because, if both boys start working soon, we'll need all three and can't afford to buy one when the time comes.

I'm waiting for a response to my application with Catholic Charities before I move on to United Way.  211 is the number locally here and that's where I got the numbers/info for CC and UW.

All of our cars are liability only, except for the one that we have a lien against and they require collision.  We have the lowest insurance rate I've been able to find for cars from any company.

We have no equity in our house so that's not an option.  Refinancing isn't really an option either because I've looked into it and we've currently got a great monthly payment and interest rate.

We have contacted our doctor and asked them to send letters to the electric company because my son and I use a CPAP but we have to do a new one every month, and it's not really a "lifesaving" medical device, although I wouldn't want to go without it.  Our doctor has been very helpful in that.

The company I work for is a food manufacturer and I have access to "free" samples.  That is all I have for lunch on a daily basis.  I don't pay for lunch or anything.  I eat PB&J almost every morning.  We have pasta at least 3 nights a week, and break it up only so we don't get sick from not having protein or vegetables.

Again, not trying to be negative, just looking for ideas or thoughts from people who might have been in this situation.  I'm also not trying to get beat down by asking for help here.