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Reply to "Extra money on the side"

JeremyM posted:
Beth Worthy posted:

So far as surveys are concerned, I don't have much idea whether those are legitimate options for earning or not. I would recommend researching properly before you get involved with it, so that your efforts can be rightly paid off.

Apart form that, you can have other options like working as a translator or a transcriptionist. Not to forget, both the jobs require a few skills to to be able to do them. However, they definitely offer a good source of income. To get started, you can go through these posts:- 

The information I sent them for the surveys is completely legit, as I've been paid several times and you can look up the history of each site (many have been around for 10+ years). They are as good as anything else in making extra income, especially once you get down a schedule. 

However, you are correct in suggesting transcription, too. I have done the transcription and it is also a legit way to earn extra money. Just like surveys, they have their pros and cons. I have friends that excel at this and have friends (including myself) that can't do it. My issue is that I have trouble with my hearing, so it wasn't efficient for me.

As with any type of online work for income, I suggest doing research before jumping into any program and none of them are going to allow you to quit your day job (assuming, like myself, you have one).

Can you please send me info too please...thank you