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Financial Accomplishments (SHARE YOURS)

 Financial Accomplishment Tropy on Penny Hoarder Forum by Jon from Moore Income Blog

Every small step in the right direction is one step closer to the goal!

When it comes to financial fitness, every accomplishment (no matter how small) is important, as it helps you create a better financial future.

Even something as small as not buying a coffee and instead putting that money you would have spent into savings is a financial accomplishment worth celebrating.

The more times you do these small things, you begin to create good financial habits that you will carry with you the rest of your life.

One goal I personally have achieved is to have at least 1K in savings in case of emergency.

I did not realize it but I have been saving little bits here and there in a couple different accounts. The amounts I saved were so small I did not even miss the money.

But my wife and I counted the other day and lo and behold the total amount now adds up to more than 1K! (Now its time to double that! )

 The cool thing is, this was all done while putting a significant amount towards paying off debt and also putting money into investments.

Some of my next goals that I hope to accomplish soon:

     - Have a total of 5K in investments (stocks, REIT, Roth IRA)

     - Finish paying off all credit cards

     - Get my stash of nickels to over 1K

Now it's your turn!

What are some of your recent financial achievements?

 What are some goals you have for the near future?

Let us all know in the comments so we can all celebrate!


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  • Financial Accomplishment Tropy on Penny Hoarder Forum by Jon from Moore Income Blog
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