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Reply to "Financial Accomplishments (SHARE YOURS)"

I've put $1,000 in the bank. Paid $500 and $750
on 2 credit cards off. Paid a bill of a $118 off 
which the $10 will go in my saving each month.
The 2 credit cards I paid off that money will go
to paying other credit cards off. I paid for my domain
name for a year and hosting for 3 months.

Instead of swapping my bank card i've been pulling
a certain amount off my card and what ever change i
get back i put that up and once the money gone i don't
spend any more unless we need some thing food wise
or gas.

I'm going to try each week and buy coins from the bank.
Not sure what i want to start with or my be buy some each
week.  I wont miss $1 or $2 or even $5 a week and that will go for
saving or gifts