Reply to "Financial Fitness February: Day 9"

Moore Income posted:

Things were pretty quite for me financially today.

My wife and I spent $6 eating lunch with our siblings at their college. Other than that we just had to fill up the tank with gas again which cost us $16.47.

The reason I had to fill it up again so soon is because I use quite a bit of gas doing deliveries. Even then, when you take off the cost of gas from how much I earned, it still ends up being a fairly profitable side gig.

I still made sure to use a gas coupon at Holiday. This time it was a coupon for $0.08 cents off per gallon. In total I saved $0.63 on my purchase.

Once again, it isn't a huge savings, but I will gladly take it.

Besides going to church, my wife and I usually like to take it easy on Sundays.

So we don't end up spending much unless we happen to go out to eat. Something we have been trying to cut back on lately.

Today however, my wife did end up doing some babysitting which allowed her to earn a little bit extra aside from her job today.

Quite days are good financially speaking.

Not too much spent and not a lot earned but just enjoying all the blessings of this life we live.

Today I will just keep this post short and sweet so gonna wrap it up right here.

No big WINS, just a great day!


How was your Sunday? 

I get a lot of cravings for pizza, and I wanted to order my favorite Pizza Hut Pan Pizza.  Since that would cost so much money, I refrained and ate mixed vegetables.  Great Value Rising Crust Four Cheese Pizza is $2.78.  It is so good.  I will be filling my freezer with pizza.  I don't know how Pizza Hut stays in business.  It is so expensive.  I want to know who is paying the the big prices.  If you have it delivered, it is even more expensive.  I don't drive so I get those cravings if there is no pizza in my freezer.