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Reply to "Financial Fitness February: Day 7 (Big WIN)"

@lismox I source from thrift stores, retail stores (mostly clearance), and a little from online auctions such as K-Bid. Also, in the summer I go to a lot of yard sales and estate sales for more items.

I kind of am all over the place with the types of items I sell. I like testing things so I will venture into almost any niche to see if it is profitable for me.

What I have found is that it really varies for each person and depends a lot on your area. I know some resellers who do really well with shoes while others do well with health and beauty or electronics.

Another lady I know of, does mostly discontinued items and makes good money selling it.

It just really boils down to getting out and seeing what options you have around you for sourcing and doing some research to find what items you find profitable.

Also, if it is an item you are very familiar with, like if you are a purse person, naturally it is going to be much easier for you to find and sell that item because you should have a good eye for the types of brands that are popular and worth money.

That being said, you can always develop a good eye for a certain niche, it just takes practice and some trial and error. But if purses are something you enjoy, it makes the learning process that much more fun.


I would say, just start by taking some time to visit a local thrift store or two for a couple hours and start researching every item you think might be more valuable than it cost and you will start to get the hang of it.


I personally haven't gotten into liquidation pallets because I don't have room for it at the moment, but in the future it is something I would at least like to give a try.


Hope this helps, and of course, if you have any other questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to help!