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MARTHA R LOPEZ I'm disabled but because my husband
did all the work and i staid home with the kids i had no
credits to get disability . So I got SSI which is like welfare
for people who are disable,children can get ssi to.

The thing is I've been taking care of my husband since
he became disable. Now I get paid for taking care of him
for the last 2 years. Since I work they take from both our
SSI that we get. A married couple can only make a little
over $1,000 dollars well my gross income is $357 (weekly)
my net is $301 well it comes out that I'm $50 over what
a couple gets so both my husband and I no longer get SSI
as of next month. That is $800 we loss. My husband does
get SSRI for him and our son which is only a little over $500
a month.