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I'm new here. We just scaled our house down. Moved from a house
that was 2100 square feet up and down in the basement and a hough
lot to a little over 1,000 square feet. The house is only 703 square feet
We will own this in 10 years instead of 30 years. Next year we will be down
to 2 kids hubby and myself and 2 my be 3 dogs. 

I'm looking to pay my credit cards off and my home. 
I'm disabled and so my husband. I'm his care taker and i do get paid
for this. But looking for some side hustles to help pay bills and debt 
off faster.

I'm looking forward to learning from this site. 

I'm disabled, too, and I've found mystery shopping to be an excellent source of income.  I also write and proofread.  I don't know about your SSDI status, but you might want to look into an ABLE account so you don't get penalized for saving money.

Bonnie Squires posted:

Welcome @Mamabrownbear  i hope you find this
site helpful like i've. If you ever want to chat I'm
here have several kids with special needs