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Reply to "How to find a checking account that displays scheduled transaction on account activinty view?"

Steve - seeking straightforward checking posted:
Nita8 posted:

Same here.  I've been searching all over trying to find a bank that displays the scheduled transaction in the account activity with a running total of the balance.  You're right, it makes seeing where you are for the month a snap.  So far, all the banks that I have seen are like TIAA where you have to go to a completely separate page, total up the upcoming payments, then go back to the account page and figure out how much you have to either transfer or have coming in direct deposits.  Let us know if you find a bank that does this, and I'll do the same if I find one. 

I agree with Theodora above that it will probably be another online bank such as Everbank was.  Without a doubt, Everbank had the most comprehensive and practical user interface that I've ever had with a bank.  Really miss them.

Thanks Nita,

I found Seacoast National Bank.  They do have the "Show scheduled transactions" feature,  but they have limitations on external transfers that i am not used to.

It is better than the TIAA, but still not as powerful as Everbank had been.

I wish i could figure out what the banking industy calls the features we are talking about.



Thanks for the info, Steve.  I may check them out anyway.  Do they limit the number of external transfers, or is there some other requirement?

They probably don't have a description of the feature because most of the major and regional banks don't do it.  The ones that I've talked to seem fairly perplexed at my description.  You can mark Ally Bank off your list.  They are one of the larger online banks, so I thought perhaps they might be similar to Everbank's interface, but no.

I think there are probably a lot of people like us missing Everbank's "show scheduled transactions" link, but like us they don't know what to call it.  Wonder who the original creator of Everbank was and if he's involved in anything new?