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Reply to "How to find a checking account that displays scheduled transaction on account activinty view?"

caine256 posted:

I've also been seeking an account that shows known future transactions. I can tell you USAA does this, but I haven't found any others yet. 

Caine256, that is good information to add to this thread, especially since it serves the whole US.  I have been able to find several banks around the country that use the old Everbank platform with future transactions.  None of these are nationwide online banks, so you have to live in the state in which you bank.  Here's a breakdown of what I have found. 

(Not in alphabetical order)

VIRGINIA, WEST VIRGINIA, MARYLAND, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA & DC:  United Bank (  I live in Virginia and have switched all my accounts to United and am very happy with them.  It has the exact same platform as the old Everbank, and they have no fee checking accounts.  It's wonderful to be back on this platform, makes it so, so easy again.   

MISSOURI:  Landmark Bank; however, you must have one of their consumer credit cards to have fees waived (or a $2,500 average daily balance, but I would much rather have a credit card ;-)

IOWA:  Midwest Heritage Bank

OREGON:  Umpqua Bank

CALIFORNIA:  El Dorado Savings Bank.

CONNECTICUT:  Union Savings Bank

CALIFORNIA, MASSACHUSETTS, NEW YORK, TEXAS, WASHINGTON, ILLINOIS, NEW JERSEY, NEVADA, MARYLAND, AND HONG KONG.  Based in California, it was originated to cater to Sino-Americans with the ability to request transactions in Chinese.  However, the bank appears to have grown from their original mission and now is in several states serving the public at large.

I did a lot of extensive research, so I'm sharing it above in the hopes that it will help other people who feel abandoned by the abysmal TIAA billpay and account structure.  TIAA platform is so outdated and clunky.  They bought Everbank presumably because it had been so successful, so why switch happy Everbank customers to the broken-down TIAA system.  Makes no sense to me.  They've lost most of all those customers.  What a waste, and what a pain in the a** to get all three of my direct deposits switched over.