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How to save money at the vet's

I have 3 cats and had to put two down this year (we didn't have 5 at one time, only 3). I used both my regular and emergency vet this year out of necessity, but I will be avoiding my vet as much as possible now, and doing the following things instead:

1. Using a vet tech who comes to our local Petsmart. Literally I spent $10 per kitten for their first two vaccines. It would have cost hundreds of dollars at my vet's office. Check with your local pet store to see if they have mobile clinics, which can also save you on vaccines.

2. Use a discount spay/neuter clinic, when they need to be fixed next month. Again, I know this will literally save us hundreds of dollars.

3. Utilize the Subscribe & Save Feature on if you're a Prime Member. After my Subscribe & Save discount and an additional $10 off coupon I ended up with 4 big bags of Iams cat food for a little over $40.

If anyone else has any other tips I'd love to hear them! My pets are my furry kids, and although I want to provide the best for them I can't always afford to take them to my regular vet; it's just too expensive.

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