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Reply to "If Money Was No Object, Where Would You Travel and Why?"

Bonnie Squires posted:

For me I dreamed as a little kid to go to Paris or Hawaii.
But now with our health I don't think this is possible.

So I say any where in the USA just hubby and I. We have
never taken a vacations alone in our 36 years we been married.

The other one would be to take all our kids and grand kids
to Disney world. 

Bonnie, do local radio stations & TV stations in your area have contests for little getaways in your area?  Entering those contests give you a chance to win a very inexpensive trip close to home (sometime far from home too!).  I say inexpensive & not free because you usually have to pay for gas, food & some other incidentals.  But I have stayed in hotels around my city & had wonderful little staycations that gives us a new experience.